Study Area
Location Available Vancouver, Toronto
Minimum 1 week
Part-Time AM, Full-Time, or Full-Time Intensive Tuition 
Start Dates

Any Monday except the last week of the session 

Language Levels B1B2B3B4I1I2I3I4A1A2
  • Study with students in a similiar age group and life stage
  • Course topics and discussions will naturally develop to resonate with those 30 and up
  • Maximize your learning experience with variety of add-on electives
  • Confirm your level before arrival with our online test, and start your class from day one
  • Build a global network of friends with similiar interests and life experiences
  • Enjoy activities and accommodation options geared for the age group
  • Enjoy our stylish designated 30 & Beyond student lounge and learning area

Enjoy learning and making friends with like-minded students of a similar age. You’ll be placed in either the Foundation 30 & Beyond or Communication 30 & Beyond course in the morning according to your pre-assessed language level. These courses help you build fluency and connect through language with other students in the 30 and up age group. With ILSC’s dynamic approach to course delivery, where set curriculum is complemented by the interests of students, course topics and class discussions will naturally develop in a way that resonates with the life experiences, goals, and interests of those in this more experienced age group. 

Complement your 30 & Beyond course choosing from our diverse suite of all-ages afternoon skills electives to meet your personal interests and goals. Possible electives include:

  • Conversation
  • Pronunciation
  • English through Art
  • Public Speaking
  • Academic Writing
  • Test preparation courses
  • Business Culture
  • English through Marketing and more!