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Greystone College Canada

Study Business, Tech, Digital Marketing, Hospitality, or English Teaching in Canada.

Take your career skills to the next level with Certificate & Diploma Programs at a Canadian career college.

Build your international network and achieve your dreams in quality career training programs at Greystone College, delivered in English. Choose a Co-operative education (Co-op) or a practicum program to combine your learning with relevant work experience in Business, Tech, Digital Marketing, Hospitality or Teacher Training.

Pathways from ILSC Language Schools, and credit transfer programs that offer advanced placement in diplomas and degrees at partner colleges and universities offer life-changing, progressive learning journeys in Canada.

Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) eligible programs are available through pathway programs at our higher education partners in Vancouver and Toronto.

Greystone College is the proud winner of the Study Travel Star Vocational College Award, 2023!
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Why choose Greystone College Canada

Work off-campus up to 20 hours per week while you study and earn income to support your student life in Canada (during a Co-op placement you can work full-time).*
*Work rights are typically included with your Canadian Study Permit for programs of 6 months or longer, but are not guaranteed.

Choose a Co-operative education program (Co-op) or a practicum program to combine academic study with paid or unpaid* work experience in a position related to your study area to enhance your learning.
*Co-op placements in Vancouver and Toronto are typically paid.  Practicums in Montréal are typically unpaid.

At Greystone College Toronto and Vancouver, students who choose a credit transfer program can get advanced standing in a PGWP eligible diploma or degree program at our public partner colleges and universities.

*Post Graduate Work Permit eligibility is determined by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. It is subject to change, and not guaranteed.

The English level entry requirement for our programs ranges from Beginner 4 (IELTS 4.0) to Advanced 1 (IELTS 6.5).
Our schools are part of the ILSC Education Group, if you don't yet meet the entry level requirement for your chosen program, package your studies with English courses at ILSC, in the same city.
Take our FREE English Test now to find out your level.

Start your degree journey at Greystone College. Complete some of our Business and Hospitality programs and you can receive transfer credit, and advanced standing in diploma or bachelor's degree programs at our partner schools.

Put your theoretical learning into practice, and learn more through expert talks, learning excursions, networking events, and practical classroom projects that help you understand how your learning applies in the real world.

With small teacher to student ratios, friendly and supportive staff, and lots of personalized attention, Greystone College offers an easy introduction to Canadian higher education and to working off campus or in a co-op or practicum in Canada.
Enjoy career fairs, job skills and financial literacy training, on-campus leadership opportunities, and more to help you settle in to Canada and succeed!

With regular start dates throughout the year, you can start on your path to achieving your study, work, and immigration dreams any time!
Most of our daytime programs have start dates every month, while evening programs start every two months.
Whenever you're ready to begin, we're here to welcome you.

Our modern and comfortable Greystone College Canada campuses are conveniently located in the central business district of Montréal, Toronto, and Vancouver, close to restaurants, cafe's, public transportation, shopping, and other amenities.
Our central location means we're also close to a wide variety of businesses that can offer off-campus work, Co-op or practicum placements to our students.

Explore our Programs

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Group of business staff in a meeting - study business at Greystone College, a career college in Canada with co-op programs
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Hotel concierge greets 2 travelers, work while you study hospitality at Greystone College, a career college in Canada with co-op programs
Man teaching class, study TESOL at Greystone College, a Career College in Vancouver, learn to be an English teacher.

Study & Work in Canada: Discover our Campuses

Explore our campuses located in three amazing cities in Canada, each with its own unique character and industry learning opportunities. Study in Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver, and work off campus, or during a co-op or practicum term as part of your study program.

Choose Co-operative Education to add relevant work experience to your learning

Get transfer credit and advanced standing in a diploma or degree program

group of 5 students studying, take a credit transfer program at Greystone College Canada and get advanced standing in a degree at our public partners
Takanori Hidaka
Student Stories

"I wanted to get work experience in Canada, and also this program offers general business classes and then more practical courses. The courses helped me a lot when I worked for a company, because I needed to train new employees, and I knew how to deal with that kind of situation. This program, and co-op term, I think will be really helpful for my future."

Takanori Hidaka, Japan
Michaela Boledovicova
Student Stories

"I like all of my classes, and I really like the way of teaching. I also really like the assignments that we have for group presentations – they’re really fun and it also helps us to learn how to work with people from other countries and other cultures."

Michaela Boledovicova, Slovakia
Simran Bhamra
Student Stories

"I would recommend this program to everyone. It’s also a very good cultural mix, we had Mexican students in our class, we had Brazilian students, Colombian and a student from Turkey, India, and Iran, so it’s a really, really good mix of different cultures; if you want to work in the international business field, it’s really good to have that exposure – it just gives you different perspectives and you come to know about people more closely."

Simran Bhamra, India
Evy Cravoisier
Student Stories

"I chose Greystone College because their program would allow me to do a co-op in a multicultural city: Toronto. In fact, I wanted to do a co-op to gain professional experience abroad, to improve my professional english and to be able to put this experience forward in my resume. Thanks to this experience, I learned to take initiative at work which was difficult for me to do before. Thus, I was able to develop and strengthen new professional skills such as teamwork, communication and many others, which enriched my professional experience."

Evy Cravoisier, France