Junior Programs

English and French programs and adventure packages
for families and youth aged 7-17


Amazing cultural & Language Immersion experiences – in English & French.

Children, teens, and families will build a strong language foundation in our Vancouver, Toronto, Montréal, and Brisbane Junior Programs. Combine study with adventure in our camps or experience a supported transition into High School. Learn English or French, fast and develop global skills in our programs designed especially for youth and families.

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Explore our Junior Programs

See our program options for children, teens, and families available in Vancouver, Toronto, Montréal, and Brisbane, and at university campuses in ILSC’s Canadian cities.


Junior Camps at ILSC Campuses

Learn English or French at one of our downtown campuses, stay with a homestay family, and go on fantastic adventures while you explore a new language, city, and culture. Join us for Junior Camps at ILSC Vancouver, ILSC Toronto, and ILSC Montréal, in Canada and ILSC Brisbane in Australia.


Junior Camps at
University Campus Residences

Live, learn and explore with other international students in ILSC-run programs at university residences. Programs take place at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Family Camps

Family Camps

Enjoy a unique cultural adventure as you learn a new language, meet other children or adults your age, and explore the city together. Family Camps are available at two amazing Canadian locations. Learn English in our Vancouver Family Camps. Or choose either English or French in our Montréal Family Camps.


ESL High School Bridge

Learn English with curriculum specially designed for young learners aged 12-17. Study with other students your own age, and prepare to succeed in a Canadian high-school, the next step in a journey to higher education in Canada. This program is available year-round in Vancouver, and during summer in Toronto.

Why choose ILSC Junior Programs

Whether you choose one of our packaged Junior Camp programs, or focus on building your English foundation in our ESL-High School Bridge program, our experience and passion for teaching children and teen students will be part of an unforgettable cultural immersion and language learning experience.

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