Study Area
University Pathway
Location Available Online
Minimum 8 weeks, 20 hours per week
Monday to Friday – 9AM-2PM (EST) or 11AM-3PM (AEST)*
Start Dates

First week of every session until September 2021

Language Levels B1B2B3B4I1I2I3I4A1A2

Students are required to complete ILSC’s PROLA (Pre-registration Online Language Assessment) in order to be placed in the right level. The test is available through their computer or phone and they will receive their results in less than 24 hours. Watch video.

*Timezone: Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) – 11AM-3PM or Eastern Standard Time (EST) – 9AM-2PM:

11AM to 1PM (AEST) or 9AM to 12PM (EST): Foundation, Communication or EAP (required for Australian pathway),

2 to 3PM (AEST) or 1 to 2PM (EST): Integrated skill courses

What You'll Learn

Take the first step towards achieving your dreams of earning a qualification from a college, TAFE or university in Canada or Australia. ILSC supports your learning journey from the moment you register.

We can help you find the right college or university program to meet your goals, and help you apply. Once you arrive at ILSC, you’ll receive a university pathway orientation and our academic advisors can help you choose the right courses to support your learning. Complete a minimum of two levels of required* University Pathway courses and you’ll be ready for success in your college or university program!

* In Australia the number of levels varies depending on your partner school



ILSC is committed to assuring your success by offering you:

  • Academic counselling to help you choose and apply to your college, TAFE, or university
  • Online resources to help you practice you skills
  • Ongoing monitoring of your academic progress to catch any challenges as soon as they arise
  • Online information sessions and virtual tours of partner schools
  • Attend guest lectures from ILSC's partner schools