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University Pathway Program Online

Start your higher education pathway to Australia or Canada from home.

Build the Academic English skills you need to enter and succeed at over 100 partner Universities, Colleges & TAFEs.

Completion of ILSC’s Online University Pathway Program fulfills the language entry requirement at our partner schools and sets you on a pathway to success in a Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD program in Canada or Australia. Start from home and get ready to fulfill your higher education dreams!




4 week minimum


Intensive Online (20 hours per week),
Semi-Intensive Online (15 hours per week),
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Session start dates

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Any level

Students Must complete the ILSC ACADEMIC English Placement Test in order to be placed in the right level.


What you'll learn

Improve your Academic English skills in preparation for further academic studies at our partner colleges, TAFEs and universities.

Completion of ILSC's Online University Pathway Program fulfills the language entry requirement at our partner schools and prepares you with a variety of academic English skills that will help you succeed within the Australian or Canadian higher education system.

Our Online University Pathway Program focuses on English for Academic Purposes Class. Students who want to strengthen their Academic English skill set and target specific skills can choose a schedule that includes elective classes - your University Pathway advisor may recommend specific elective classes to support your success and goals.

English for Academic Purposes Class

English for Academic Purposes is designed to help you pursue further academic studies in English. This course will strengthen your academic reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. You’ll improve your grammar accuracy and build your vocabulary by exploring academic topics.

Elective Class*

If you take the Intensive Online Schedule, you'll have either 1 skills electives to complement your core English for Academic Purposes learning. Choose from classes like: Academic Vocabulary, Academic Writing, IELTS Skills, Grammar, Reading, and Writing.

*Class selection is subject to availability and may vary depending on enrolment.

Why Choose the Online University Pathway Program

  • Take the first steps on your Canadian or Australian higher education journey from wherever you are in the world, then transition to ILSC in person, or to your chosen university, TAFE or college.
  • Study English for Academic Purposes and other Pathway Program recommended classes in interactive, virtual classes
  • Choose from two different online schedules to suit your time zone and fit your schedule
  • Choose to study 15, or 20 hours a week, depending on your budget, availability, and progression goals.
  • Study online with teachers who have years of experience supporting students’ academic English skill development
  • Get support choosing and applying to a partner program from our University Pathway Experts
  • Our Academic Excellence Assurance offers progress monitoring, free practice resources and so much more to help guide you toward achieving your goals successfully

Study Schedules

Choose the study schedule that fits your English learning needs and goals. The more lessons you take each week, the faster your English skills will progress.

CORE CLASSES: Core classes provide a strong, comprehensive foundation in the subject area.

ELECTIVE CLASSES: Elective classes build on your core learning and enhance linguistic skills through content focused on your particular interests, weak areas, or to help you achieve specific learning goals.

PROGRAM: A program at ILSC is the study package you build that meets your interests and helps you achieve your goals. A program can also be a pre-packaged selection of classes created by ILSC.

1 lesson = 50 minutes.


Intensive Online

24 lessons / 20 hours per week
Ideal for goal-driven & university pathway students who want to progress fast and enjoy a variety of course options
Mon-Fri  OR  Sun-Thu*
3 hours
Mon-Fri  OR  Sun-Thu*
1 hour
*Exact start and end times and days of the week will vary depending on your time zone.  All students will enjoy 5 consecutive days per week of study.

Semi-Intensive Online

18 lessons / 15 hours per week
Ideal for students who want progression and a variety of class options with more flexibility
Mon-Fri  OR  Sun-Thu*
3 hours
*Exact start and end times and days of the week will vary depending on your time zone.  All students will enjoy 5 consecutive days per week of study.

Take Advantage of Our Progression Guarantee!

Choose the Intensive Online schedule to take advantage of our Progression Guarantee. We guarantee that you will progress through each level in as little as 4 weeks, up to a maximum of 8 weeks. If you do not level up in 4 weeks, your instructors will create an Individualized Learning Plan to help you level up in the next 4-week session. If you are still unable to level up in 8 weeks you will receive FREE Intensive Online study until you pass the level! To access our guarantee, you must:

  • Take the Intensive Online schedule for the entire program
  • Achieve 95% Attendance
  • Complete 100% of class assessments
  • If required, follow the Individualized Learning Plan designed by your teachers and pathway coordinators
  • Take all electives recommended by your instructor

Learn more about ILSC’s University Pathway Program, and view our list of partners.

Our Online program offers you all of the same learning opportunities and support you would receive in our face-to-face program.


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