Study Area
Location Available Toronto, Montréal, New Delhi
1 - 4 weeks
Customized to meet the needs and interests of your group. Typical packages include morning language classes, and afternoon and Saturday activities.  Multi-day trips, and specialized language training can be requested.
Start Dates

Any Monday except the last week of a session.

Language Levels B1B2B3B4I1I2I3I4A1A2

Available for students age 16+. Minimum 10 students per group.

Share a study abroad language and cultural immersion experience together with your group of 10 or more. Package programs are available year round.

  • Experience a language adventure designed for your group
  • Combine cultural activities and local sight-seeing with language study and homestay accommodation
  • Enjoy a safe, supported experience studying and exploring abroad

What You'll Learn

Typical packages include the following:


English classes

With a variety of courses to choose from, ILSC can help you customize your language learning to meet the needs of your group. Depending on your location or your preference, language classes may be organized in the morning or afternoon (or both).

After Class Activities

Activities are a core part of ILSC’s group programs. Take your learning outside the classroom and explore the amazing sights and adventure opportunities unique to your location. ILSC activities let you explore the local landscape and culture, and enhance the language learning experience.  New Delhi programs include 3 activities per week, and all other campuses include 5 activities.


Full day weekend activities and/or optional trips

On Saturdays, go on an adventure outside or near the city, and enjoy a full day exploring with your group.

Full day or Multi-day trips are optional add-ons.

Homestay Accommodations

Experience local life and culture with one of ILSC’s homestay families. Families are carefully selected and monitored by ILSC staff to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Sample Activities

MON Science World & Imax Theatre
TUE Cleveland Dam & Fish Hatchery Hike
WED Ice Skating
THU 5-pin bowling
FRI Indoor Rock Climbing
SAT Whistler Tour


MON New Students Welcome party
TUE Old Montreal walking tour
WED Chinatown Tour
THU Jean-Talon Market
FRI Go Karting
SAT Quebec City


MON Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Game
TUE Historical Tour of Toronto
WED Harbourfront & Voyageur Canoe
THU Queen Street & CTV Tour
FRI Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada
SAT Niagara Falls


Afterschool Activities - Spring
  • Haus Khas Village
  • Indira Gandhi Memorial
  • Biodiversity park
Afterschool Activities - Summer
  • Kunzum Travel Cafe
  • Chattarpur Temple
  • Bangla Saheb
Afterschool Activities - Winter
  • Shine Foundation NGO
  • Gandhi Museum
  • Iskon Temple
Optional Weekend   A variety of options are available depending on season and location
MON Cable Car & Lombard St.
TUE Bowling
WED Alcatraz Island
THU Twin Peaks
FRI Fisherman’s Wharf & Museum Mecanique
SAT Union Square Shopping


MON Staten Island Ferry
TUE Top of the Rockefeller Center
WED Museum of Natural History
THU Botanical Gardens
FRI Central Park Picnic
SAT Coney Island


MON Mount Coo-tha
TUE Kayaking
WED Chit Chat Club
THU Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA)
FRI Science Centre
SAT Surfing on the Gold Coast


MON Downtown Sydney Tour
TUE Bondi Beach Coastal Walk
WED Maritime Museum
THU Manly Beach
FRI Sydney Tower and Hyde Park
SAT Blue Mountains Tour