Customized Group Packages: French

Customize an French & cultural immersion experience for you group of 10 or more.

Create a French & Cultural immersion adventure with classes, activities & accommodation customized for your group.

Build a specialized French study and cultural package experience for your group of 10 or more. ILSC can customize your group French study package in Montréal or Toronto, Canada, or in New Delhi, India with French classes, homestay accommodations, and activities that meet your group’s interests.


Montréal, Toronto, New Delhi


1-4 weeks


Morning French language classes, combined with afternoon activities, and a full-day Saturday activity.
Or customized to meet the needs and interests of your group.
* In New Delhi, Day and Multi-day Trips are optional add-ons. See the program flyer for details.


Any Monday except the last week of a session

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Beginner 1 to Advanced 2

Available for students age 16+. Minimum 10 students per group.

Our Customized French Group Packages include:

French Classes + Weekday Activities + Homestay Accommodation + Full-Day Weekend Excursion.

Montréal and Toronto customized groups include 5 half-day and 1 full-day excursion each week.

In New Delhi, they include 3 half-day activities, and full-day or multi-day trips can be added to your Delhi group package.

ILSC Montréal Sample Activities

Old Montréal walking tour, Jean-Talon Market, Quebec City

ILSC Toronto Sample Activities

Harbourfront & Voyageur Canoe, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, Niagara Falls

ILSC New Delhi Sample Activities

Iskon Temple, Indira Gandhi Memorial, Biodiversity park

Why Choose Customized Groups?

  • Learn French, live, and explore together with your group
  • Choose French classes that fit the unique needs of your customized group
  • Take your learning outside the classroom and explore the local landscape and culture in weekday activities
  • Enjoy full-day excursions once per week
  • Live with a safe and supportive homestay family and discover local family life. In Montréal, your homestay family will be french-speaking and provide extra communication practice.
  • Customize your French learning experience for your group and build amazing memories and new language skills to bring home with you
Student Stories

"I’ve been enjoying a lot of the French classes. They have a balance between conversation and grammar. That’s a great opportunity to listen to the language, to have discussions. And there is always some new vocabulary. I’ve already had the opportunity to talk with a lot of people, here at school, with other students. I can understand French better."

Guilherme , Brazil
Student Stories

"When I started studying French at ILSC, my French improved faster than when I was in Mexico. The first day I arrived, I couldn’t understand anything, but after one week, two weeks, I realized that I can speak French because I have to use the language all the time. If you live the language is the only way to improve it."

Samanta , Mexico

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