Start Dates / Calendar

ILSC is open all year round. We accept students every Monday except the last week of a session. To get the most out of your language study experience at ILSC, we recommend that you start on the first week of a session. Starting on the first Monday of the session will provide you with the widest variety of courses to choose from and will help you get a good start in the course topic.  If you start in the second or third week, you will be placed in an ongoing class.

Calendar Legend
  • Start of a new four week session
  • Holiday or official school closure






Please note:

  • South Australia and Northern Territory have a part-day public holiday for Christmas Eve from 7 pm to 12 midnight. From 2019, Queensland has a part-day public holiday for Christmas Eve from 6 pm to midnight.
  • At ILSC-Montréal, beginner level English and French students must start in the first week of a new session.
  • Many of ILSC's programs have specific start dates. Please check the program information pages for full details.
  • For Tutoring Program start dates, please contact ILSC.
  • Holidays are determined by state/provincial and/or national governments and are subject to change.
  • In India, elections may be called on short notice, and local laws require business closure. In such cases, students will be notified as early as possible, and any lost class hours will be delivered by adjusting that week's schedule.