Intermediate Hindi Certificate

Develop confidence, and progress towards speaking Hindi freely.

Further develop your confidence and comfort speaking and understanding Hindi.

Get an in-depth knowledge of the logic and basic grammatical rules of Hindi, as you expand the vocabulary and functional language skills you need to get the most out of your Indian experience. The course focuses on speaking and listening to encourage free speech, understanding, and recollection of language with a minimum of errors. Fieldtrips and activities will create real-life practise opportunities.


New Delhi


4 modules
(15 hours per module)


Part-Time AM / Flexible
Courses are offered in the AM timeslot only.
For longer daily study schedule, add tutoring


Contact ILSC New Delhi for Start Dates


(Students must first complete the Beginner Hindi Certificate)


What you'll learn in the Intermediate Hindi Certificate?

Continue your Hindi learning journey in ILSC New Delhi’s interactive and engaging classes. Deepen your understanding of the Hindi language and culture and build comfort and confidence communicating with locals.

The Intermediate Hindi Certificate consists of 4 course modules, with 15 hours of study per module.

Present activities; transitive and intransitive verbs; talking about past events; past indefinite and past perfect tenses; subject pronoun suffix; talking about past experiences; past imminent and present perfect tenses; vocabulary for touristic activities in India; vocabulary for Indian customs and traditions.

Making requests and offers; different forms of imperatives; listening lesson; vocabulary, synonyms, and antonyms; talking about abilities; giving reasons; conjunctions; talking about obligations; postpositions; feminine nouns, oblique case

Talking about wants and needs; masculine nouns, oblique case; making comparisons; positive, comparative, superlative adjectives; listening lesson; asking for permission; asking for information; relative-correlative pronouns; giving advice and suggestions.

Talking about time and duration; numbers; since, for, from and until; sharing opinions, agreeing, and disagreeing; adverbs of frequency; Hindi in the kitchen; listening lesson.


  • Learn from certified and experienced native Hindi teachers.
  • Small class sizes and flexible start dates provide a personalized experience.
  • Gain an in-depth knowledge of basic grammar rules and learn to use Hindi freely.
  • Activities like homestay with locals (A Day In The Life), real life conversations with Indians, story writing, field trips to local markets and more provide dynamic opportunities to live the language.
  • Use and understand difficult vocabulary and word roots, and learn variations of functional language
  • Get familiar with the local accent and culture.

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