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General French Communication Online

Improve your French communication skills for travel, higher education, immigration, and more.

Study French communication online in interactive classes with other international students.

Improve your conversational French in an online program from anywhere with an internet connection! In this program, you'll learn language skills to support your ability to communicate with other French speakers in social settings, at work, at school, and for travel. Depending on which schedule you choose, you can compliment your General French Communication Online core class with focused TEF/TEFaQ preparation classes to help you learn the language and prepare for the TEF/TEFaQ test.




1 week minimum


Semi-Intensive Online (15 hours per week),
Core Online (10 hours per week)
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First start date is January 2, 2024, then start dates every Monday.

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Any level

Students Must complete the ILSC ACADEMIC French Placement Test in order to be placed in the right level.


What you'll learn

Focus on conversational French and improve your speaking, listening, comprehension, and more.

This program can help you develop your French communication and fluency and improve your French skills for study, career or personal goals.

Our General French Communication Class makes up the core of the learning in this program. Students who are taking the class for immigration, or to compliment a College Greystone Montreal program may wish to take a schedule that includes preparation for the TEF/TEFaQ Test.

French Communication Class

Build your vocabulary, fluency and confidence as you participate in dynamic group activities and lively classroom discussions on a diverse range of topics. This popular course is open to students of all French language abilities.

TEF/TEFaQ Preparation Classes

If you choose the Semi-Intensive Online Schedule, you'll also take the TEF/TEFaQ Preparation class to complement your core French communication learning. This class is designed to help you understand the format of the TEF/TEFaQ exam, and prepare for all of the exam modules.

Why Choose the Online General French Communication Program

  • Improve your conversational French online in interactive, virtual classes
  • Schedules available in two time zones to fit your life wherever you are around the globe.
  • Choose to study 10, or 15 hours a week, depending on your budget, availability, and progression goals.
  • Improve your French communication to meet the Quebec government French language requirement for students studying at Collège Greystone Montréal.
  • Learn conversational French for travel, business, immigration, and more.
  • Join classes from wherever you are in the world and study French online for your future travel, higher education, or career dreams.
  • Study with teachers who have bachelor’s degrees, French teaching qualifications, passion, and years of experience helping students achieve their language learning goals
  • Classes are powered by leading-edge technologies like Microsoft Teams and Moodle. You’ll also have full access to the Office 365 suite of online resources.
  • Easily access your virtual General French Communication classes through or the myilsc app

Study Schedules

Choose the study schedule that fits your French learning needs and goals. The more lessons you take each week, the faster your French skills will progress.

CORE CLASSES: Core classes provide a strong, comprehensive foundation in the subject area.

ELECTIVE CLASSES: Elective classes build on your core learning and enhance linguistic skills through content focused on your particular interests, weak areas, or to help you achieve specific learning goals.

PROGRAM: A program at ILSC is the study package you build that meets your interests and helps you achieve your goals. A program can also be a pre-packaged selection of classes created by ILSC.

1 lesson = 50 minutes.


Core Online

12 lessons / 10 hours per week
Ideal for students who want maximum flexibility to fit their French study into their busy lifestyle.
Mon-Fri  OR  Sun-Thu*
2 hours
*Exact start and end times and days of the week will vary depending on your time zone.  All students will enjoy 5 consecutive days per week of study.

Semi-Intensive Online

18 lessons / 15 hours per week
Ideal for students who want progression and a variety of class options with more flexibility
Mon-Fri  OR  Sun-Thu*
1 hour
Mon-Fri  OR  Sun-Thu*
2 hours
*Exact start and end times and days of the week will vary depending on your time zone.  All students will enjoy 5 consecutive days per week of study.

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