Daniel Lefort Memorial Scholarship

An academic scholarship awarded to two students per year who plan to pursue studies at ILSC or Collège Greystone Montréal.

Apply for up to $5,000 towards tuition, registration, & materials fees at ILSC Montréal or Collège Greystone Montréal.

The Daniel Lefort Memorial Scholarship is an academic tuition scholarship for international students who demonstrate a commitment to community service.

The scholarship, valued at up to Canadian $5,000, and is open to all students who are planning to pursue studies at ILSC Montréal or Collège Greystone Montréal. It is awarded to two students each year; one studying English or taking a college program in English, and one studying French.

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How to Apply

Find out how to apply for the Daniel Lefort Memorial Scholarship.

To be eligible for the Daniel Lefort Memorial Scholarship, applications must:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to service and learning by having prior experience volunteering, participating in community service, etc;
  • Be willing and able to study at ILSC Montréal or Collège Greystone Montréal, including self-funding airfare, meals, accommodation  and other incidental expenses (the average cost of living for a student in Montréal is between $1,200 - $1,800 per month depending on the type of accommodation you choose);
  • Provide a brief description about why continued learning in either English or French is important to their growth;
  • Be able to secure a visa, CAQ, or other travel authorization required to study at ILSC Montréal or Collège Greystone Montréal, as necessary;
  • Be at least 18 years of age at the commencement of studies.

The following items must be submitted in order for your scholarship application to be considered:

  • Scholarship Application: CLICK HERE FOR THE FORM
  • Essay (maximum 1000 words): Describe your commitment to community engagement and social responsibility. How do you believe your contributions have impacted the people and/or the organization(s) in which you have served? Explain how you think your experience can be applied in the Montréal / ILSC community.
  • Resume: Please include pertinent extracurricular, volunteer, and/or internship experiences including dates, hours, projects, and areas of expertise.

  • Applications must be received by October 31st each year for the following calendar year.
  • Successful candidates will be notified by December 15th.
  • Scholarship candidates will be selected by a committee of staff and teachers at the Montréal school. ILSC does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, national origin, disability, age, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

About the Daniel Lefort Memorial Scholarship

The Daniel Lefort Memorial scholarship is offered in the memory of Daniel Lefort, Director of ILSC and Collège Greystone Montréal.

Daniel was a true champion of international students, a leader in Canadian International education, and an advocate for the private sector in the Province of Quebec. Daniel left behind a legacy of promoting diversity and putting others' needs before his own.

Beyond striving for operational perfection, Daniel committed his time and energy to building strong communities – frequently celebrating the successes and special life moments of those around him and reaching out to those in need through his commitment to Community Social Responsibility. Recognized for his abilities to bring about the best in others, Daniel's talents to help others less fortunate will be memorialized through the recipients of these scholarships.

Wesley Alves

"It's a very good opportunity. I really recommend. You can just google it and you can find all the detail information easily. Maybe you can be the next winner for the scholarship!"

Wesley Alves, Canada
Paulina Gomez

"There are a lot of people who don't have money to study and this sholarship gives them an opportunity! My tip for people who want to apply for this is to take your time and look for the all requirements and prepare for it."

Paulina Gomez, Canada

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