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A world leader in language education & vocational training

ILSC Education Group offers life-changing educational experiences in Canada, Australia, and India, some of the world’s most attractive and popular English-speaking work and study destinations.

Students of all ages embark on amazing and unique learning journeys here. They come to study English, French or Hindi at our ILSC Language Schools, pursue vocational education at our Greystone Colleges, or prepare for higher education in Canada, Australia, or the USA through our University Pathway Program and High School Program. For some, ILSC has been part of a journey towards creating a new, permanent home in Canada or Australia.

Join us for an unforgettable learning adventure at our 8 ILSC Language Schools in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, Australia; Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver, Canada; and New Delhi, India. Or open global career and life opportunities at our 7 Greystone Colleges campuses in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, Australia; and Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver, Canada.

To keep developing ILSC as one of the finest schools for language, career and higher education, where people have excellent and transformative learning and living experiences.



"To keep developing ILSC as one of the finest schools for language, career and higher education, where people have excellent and transformative learning and living experiences."


Our Green Commitment

ILSC and Greystone College are committed to environmentally better business practices and to educating our students and staff about ways they can reduce their environmental impacts at work, at school, and in their daily lives.

  • We continuously work to raise environmental awareness through our student activities, curriculum, and annual earth day events.
  • We encourage recycling, reuse, composting and waste reduction across our campuses.
  • We make green building choices to lower water and energy use, to maximize natural light, and to ensure efficient and adaptable use of space.
  • We’ve enhanced our digital collaboration tools and transitioned to a paperless office.
  • For non-client facing staff, we’ve created a remote work policy that lowers our collective carbon footprint through reduced commutes and less need for office space.
  • We’ve developed apps and other electronic tools that help students easily access the information they need from anywhere.
  • We’ve prioritized digital marketing over traditional print approaches and continue to enhance our online resources to help students and partners access the most up-to-date information about our schools online, any time.
  • We’ve created opportunities for digital learning and meaningful online connection through our webinar series, hybrid and online classes, and digital events.

Our History

ILSC Education Group has been part of more than 300,000 amazing student learning adventures, including more than 6,000 students who have reached their higher education goals through our University Pathway program, and more than 20,000 who have advanced their careers through Greystone College.

  • Vancouver 1991


    ILSC Language Schools opens its first school in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • 1999-Toronto


    ILSC opens a school in Canada's biggest metropolis, Toronto, Ontario. 
  • 2000-Montreal


    ILSC opens a new school in Canada's bilingual city, Montréal, Québec
  • 2002-Greystone-College Launch


    ILSC launches Greystone College to provide global career training opportunities for students.  
  • 2007-New-Delhi


    ILSC opens a school in modern and magical New Delhi, India
  • 2008-University Pathway


    ILSC launches its University Pathway Program leading students to transformative experiences at partner colleges and universities.
  • 2010-Sydney-Brisbane


    ILSC expands into Australia, opening schools in the sunny cities of Sydney, and Brisbane
  • 2010-Learn-to-Earn


    ILSC New Delhi creates the Learn to Earn Educational Sponsorship Program.
  • 2014-IELTS


    ILSC Vancouver, Toronto, and Montréal become IELTS Official Test Centres
  • 2016-Melbourne


    ILSC Australia expands, opening a new school in the hip, student-city of Melbourne, Victoria.
  • 2016-IELTS-San-Francisco


    ILSC opens IELTS Official Test Centres in San Francisco and New York
  • 2019-Adelaide


    ILSC opens a new school in Australia's festival city, Adelaide, South Australia
  • 2020-Online-learning


    ILSC launches online delivery of language and vocational programs.
  • 2021-30-Years


    ILSC celebrates 30 amazing years of delivering transformative learning and living experiences to students from around the globe.
  • 2022-ELS-ILSC-Merger


    ILSC merges with ELS Educational Services, expanding the shared global reach of our two brands across Australia, Canada, India and the USA.

#ILSCGIVES: $1 from every registration goes to our CSR initiatives

Community Social Responsibility (CSR) is part of ILSC’s DNA. It has been embedded in the ethos of our schools, and interwoven into course content and school activities from the moment ILSC began.

At ILSC, we support a variety of social projects and causes within our local schools, surrounding communities, and internationally, and we’ve been recognized in our industry for our social development and environmental efforts. We put $1 from every registration towards our Learn to Earn Sponsorship program which provides educational scholarships to disadvantaged women in India. We also sponsor Lead 5050 an organization that champions gender equality within our industry.

ILSC’s ongoing CSR activities provide opportunities for our staff, students, and partners to contribute to causes that they care about; to build community and friendships; and to practise and develop language and other skills.



To positively contribute to the sustainable growth & development of people & communities, at the school, locally, and around the world.

Every Registration
makes a difference!

1 Registration = $1 = change a life = change a community

ILSC donates $1 from every ILSC Language Schools and Greystone College registration towards the Learn to Earn (LTE) Program at ILSC New Delhi.

The LTE Program provides educational scholarships to disadvantaged women in India.

CSR Focus Areas

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Mocktail and Bake Sale Bushfire Wildlife Fundraiser
Brisbane Wheelbarrow Race
Australia Bushfires Fundraisers


ILSC’s quality and our commitment to students, staff, and our local and global communities have been recognized throughout our industry.  ILSC and Greystone College have received awards from key industry associations, publications, and agency partners for our schools, programs, business practices, talented staff, and CSR efforts.

In 2013, ILSC Language Schools was recognized as Study Travel’s Star Chain School. Star Awards winners are chosen based on votes by international education industry partners.

In 2014, ILSC Language Schools was recognized for the second year in a row as Study Travel’s Star Chain School. Star Awards winners are chosen based on votes by international education industry partners.

In 2016, ILSC’s Greystone College was recognized as Study Travel’s Star Vocational College of the year, through Study Travel’s annual industry-voted Star Awards.

In 2017, ILSC was recognized as the CSR Champion of the Year in ESL Agency’s Language Travel Awards for ILSC’s ongoing commitment to environmental and social causes. ESL's CSR Champion of the Year is awarded based on metrics tracked in ESL agency's CSR Self-Assessment Tool. The tool covers activities in a range of areas from social and community development to environmental practices and more.

In 2017, Lead 50/50 recognized ILSC’s Learn to Earn Sponsorship program, which delivers language and life-skills training to disadvantaged young women in India, as the charitable endeavor of the year in their inaugural Women in Education Awards.

In 2018, ILSC was recognized as the CSR Champion of the Year in ESL Agency’s Language Travel Awards for ILSC’s ongoing commitment to environmental and social causes.

In 2019, ILSC was awarded Lead 5050’s Women in Education: Enlightened Employer Award which recognizes organizations that show “exceptional commitment to gender equality in the workplace.”

In 2019, ILSC was recognized for the third consecutive year as the CSR Champion of the Year in ESL Agency’s Language Travel Awards for ILSC’s ongoing commitment to environmental and social causes.

Our Team

Discover what inspires ILSC's amazing and talented team to create and deliver transformative living and learning experiences to students around the globe.

Paul Schroeder

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Zysman

Chairman & Founder

Christopher Mediratta

President & Chief Operating Officer

Chris Nolan

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Simon Wong

Chief Financial Officer

Photo Mer Roberts
Mer Roberts

Vice President, Technology

Laura Ochsendorf

Global HR Director

Jennifer Williamson

Global Curriculum Director

Nadine Baladi

Senior Director, Global Higher Education Pathways & Greystone College Canada

Babette Furstner

National Director, Greystone College & Corporate Services (Australia)

Jason Flaming

National Director
Campus Operations (Australia)

Lucas Chiusoli

National Director, ELICOS & Higher Education Pathways (Australia)

Jennifer Hatcher

Director ILSC Adelaide & National Registration Manager

Ali Noori

Director Toronto

Annie Square
Annie Campbell

Director Montréal

Mardy Arenas, Director Vancouver
Mardy Arenas

Director Vancouver

Monica Koorichh

Director New Delhi

Nam Park

Global Sales Director, Canada

Illa Jo

Global Sales Director, Australia

Manson Osmond

Global Brand Director

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