About ILSC Language Schools 

ILSC Language Schools has been offering language training programs to International students from more than 100 countries since 1991, and is the largest and longest running of ILSC Education Group’s 5 divisions, which also include Colleges, Teacher Training, Language Training for Business, and Continuing Education. 

Since opening its first school in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1991, ILSC has become a world leader in language training, and has grown to include 8 incredible locations around the world, in Vancouver, Toronto and Montréal, Canada; New Delhi, India; and Brisbane, Melbourne Sydney and Adelaide, Australia.

In 2013 and 2014, ILSC was voted by industry partners as Study Travel Magazine’s Star Chain School, an important recognition of quality in the language education industry. We continue to work hard to maintain our high standards of academic excellence and service, in order to meet our mission:

To keep developing ILSC as one of the finest schools for language, career and higher education, where people have excellent and transformative learning and living experiences.

See our Strategic Goals to learn more


2013 and 2014 ST Star Chain School Winner logos


Our Goals & Teaching Philosophy

In order to meet our mission, ILSC has defined specific goals to support our current and future students, and our staff, and a teaching philosophy that supports the unique learning needs of everyone who studies at our schools.

The Goals of ILSC – Language Schools:

  1. To help students:
    • improve their language skills within the context of their needs and interests;
    • become self-directed lifelong learners;
    • enjoy, with confidence and ease, the process of learning;
    • empower themselves, as individuals and as communities, to actualize their potential;
    • develop an understanding of cross-cultural values, customs, cultures and sensitivities;
    • orient, adapt and integrate themselves into their country of study.
  2. To keep developing cutting edge student-centred programs and courses.
  3. To provide a warm and enjoyable learning and working environment.
  4. To keep developing a humanist people-caring community, where members treat each other with respect and dignity.

Our Teaching Philosophy

At ILSC, we have three key beliefs that guide our teaching philosophy.

  1. Learning works better when it is student-centered:  We combine a set curriculum with the flexibility to accommodate each student’s special interests and learning needs.  You’ll be motivated to learn about things that personally interest you.
  2. Learning works faster when it is made part of the experiences of daily life: Immersion learning through role-playing, field trips, and group learning activities helps you integrate the language more quickly.
  3. People learn best when they are confident, at ease and happy: At ILSC, you’ll be part of a community of staff, teachers, and fellow students who will support your success on a fantastic learning adventure.


Teachers at ILSC

All teachers at ILSC have university degrees, recognized teaching certificates and relevant teaching experience. Our instructors are carefully selected for their ability to motivate and inspire and many have years of experience teaching with ILSC's student-centred methodology.

Your ILSC teachers will help you succeed in your learning by acting as a modeler of language, a resource person, a facilitator, a co-designer and a coach. Be ready to be engaged in the learning process and feel free to ask your teachers for the help and support you need to achieve your learning goals. 



Accreditations and Affiliate Organizations

ILSC schools are accredited by those bodies designated to oversee schools in our industry in the various provincial, state, and national jurisdictions that we operate in. We believe accreditation is important to our students and clients. At ILSC we have set, and maintain, our own standards for high quality program delivery and excellent service; however, our accreditation by internationally recognized industry organizations and government bodies gives you, our clients, third party assurance of those high standards and helps protect your rights.  ILSC is accredited by, or affiliated with the following organizations:


The Association of Language Travel Organisations, ALTO

Within ALTO, you will find language travel agents in your country and language schools worldwide united in one association with the same objective: to offer you the highest standards in language travel abroad.


Languages Canada 

Languages Canada is Canada's premier language organization representing language programs in both of Canada's official languages: English and French. Membership is limited to member programs, both public and private, which meet the rigorous standards of the association and who are committed to upholding them. ILSC Vancouver, ILSC Toronto and ILSC Montreal locations are members of Languages Canada.


Private Training Institutions Branch

ILSC Vancouver is registered and holds a designated certificate under the provisions of the Private Training Act of Ministry of Advanced Education. The Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training administers the Private Training Act and associated regulations.

Students who enroll in a language program which is six months or less in duration or for which tuition is less than $4,000 may not make a claim against the Student Tuition Protection Fund, which is managed by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training. Further, this language program may not have been reviewed nor approved by the PTIB. 

For more information about programs that do not require approval by the PTIB please visit https://www.privatetraininginstitutions.gov.bc.ca


BC Education Quality Assurance

ILSC Vancouver is recognized by the British Columbia Education Quality Assurance program. BC's EQA Designation is a provincial seal that is recognized globally as a symbol of quality education and consumer protection. ILSC-Vancouver is accredited by the BC EQA.


The Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia

The Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA) is a membership-based peak body bringing together independent providers in the higher education, vocational education and training sectors. Individually and collectively these providers share a commitment to providing students and their employers with the quality outcomes they are looking for.


English Australia

English Australia represents over 100 member colleges throughout Australia that provide quality English language programs to students and professionals from around the world. Over 80% of international students learning English in Australia choose to study with an English Australia member college. ILSC Brisbane, ILSC Sydney, ILSC Melbourne and ILSC Adelaide are members of English Australia.


NEAS Australia

As an internationally-respected accreditation service, NEAS Australia aims to establish and uphold high standards of educational service provision in English language teaching. ILSC Brisbane, ILSC Sydney, ILSC Melbourne and ILSC Adelaide are accredited by NEAS.


Study in Australia

Study in Australia is a government organization which provides a wealth of information for people interested in studying in Australia. Their website can help you discover almost anything you would need to know when planning, or during, your studies in Australia.