ILSC is all about you

You’re unique, and when you study with us, you’ll be at the center of an amazing experience that fits your personal needs, interests, and study goals.


With 8 locations in the world’s top destinations, a wide variety of courses and programsfantastic activities, and a range of cozy accommodation options, you can create an incredible ILSC experience tailored just the way you like it.

Great Support

Friendly, caring, and passionate; our teachers, advisors, activities coordinators, accommodation staff, and your fellow students will support you to achieve your personal and academic goals. If there’s anything you need, just ask!

Explore Your Potential

Challenge yourself to achieve your goals! Our teachers will help you tap into your potential and take your language learning to new levels. ILSC will work with you to target your unique learning needs and interests, and to help you achieve success!

Be Part of A Community

ILSC will be your home away from home. Create life-long friendships with students from over 70 countries. There’s a whole ILSC community waiting to welcome you, to support you, laugh with you, and celebrate your success.  

Award-Winning Language Educator

ILSC has been voted Study Travel Magazine’s Star Chain School two years in a row and we’re committed to providing world-class educationacademic excellence, and fantastic learning and living experiences

A Life-Changing Experience

We’re committed to your journey of cultural exploration, language learning and personal success. You will leave with unforgettable ILSC experiences that will redefine your understanding of the worldyour place in it, and your future potential!