Diploma in Digital Marketing: SocialMedia Professional

Learn how to engage and convert clients and drive business goals in popular social media platforms.

Build a diverse set of social media marketing skills that businesses need to stay competitive.

Learn how to set social media marketing goals, identify buyer personas, create targeted content, and choose the right platforms to reach and engage clients on social media. This comprehensive social media skill set will open up work opportunities across a wide range of organizations.

Take the co-op program to get hands-on social media marketing practise in a Canadian business or organization.

Why Choose the Diploma in Digital Marketing: Social Media Professional

  • More than 50% of the world’s population uses social media, and the average user spends almost 2.5 hours a day engaging on these platforms – learn how to reach clients where they spend their time!
  • Explore a wide range of social media marketing platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yelp and Pinterest.
  • Dive into metrics and analytics to help you choose the right channels for specific target markets, track your success, and develop strategic social media marketing plans.
  • Learn how to write for the web and adapt your style and approach for different platforms to make the most impact.
  • Take the co-op program to put your skills into practice and get Canadian references in a work placement related to social media marketing.

Vancouver, Toronto


Evening 48 weeks


Evening 88 weeks

*Schedules will be adjusted in December to accommodate public holidays. Contact us for more information.


Intermediate 3

OR Completion of a minimum of three full years of study in a secondary or post-secondary institution where the sole language of instruction is English.


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2022: Jan 31, Mar 28, May 24, Jul 18, Sep 12, Nov7
2023: Jan 3, Feb 27, Apr 24, Jun 19, Aug 14, Oct 10, Dec 4

Start dates are dependent on enrolment and are subject to change

Why Choose Co-op?

Co-op or “Co-operative Education” combines academic study with a work placement related to your study area. This popular Canadian learning approach provides students with hands-on experience in their study field, quality references, and networks that will give them a competitive edge for finding future work and growing their career.


Take the Diploma in Digital Marketing: Social Media Professional Co-op and build work experience in entry-level positions in areas like:

  • Advertising
  • Media
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Sales

Program Courses

This course deals with the importance of customer expectations and how CRM influences customer experiences. It identifies how customers' experience and perception of an organization can be beneficial or detrimental to its success. In this course of study students will gain objective knowledge about what positively and negatively affects customers' experience.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals- Branding lays the groundwork for students to understand the key components of brand identity, how to create Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and why it is important.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals lays the groundwork for students to understand how online and offline marketing methods work together to deliver results. Students will learn the terms and concepts used in the industry and how they are applied in practical situations.

Social media as a marketing tool can make or break brand image and has rapidly become the channel of choice for companies to reach their target audience.

Learning how to choose the right social media platform and how best to utilize the features offered by that platform is the primary focus of this course. We take the most popular social media platforms and examine how business can best use them to reach customers

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