Office setting, male giving presentation to 4 women colleagues, and 1 male colleague.  Study business at Greystone College career college Canada in Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver.

Business Programs

Develop the skills for effective business management and communication in an international environment

Study business at Greystone College Canada, & quickly develop transferable, career-ready skills.

A business qualification from Greystone College will provide you with versatile skills that open career opportunities in a variety of businesses and organizations. Explore a range of topics with expert instructors who have worked in local start-ups and established companies and know their subjects in depth. Choose a co-op to get your relevant hands-on experience in your study area through a guaranteed placement.

Whether you leverage your business skills to grow in your career, or set out to realize your entrepreneurial dreams, business studies at Greystone College Canada will give you the tools you need to grow and succeed.

Collage of images - one students wearing blazer outside.  Office building with Canada flag in front. Business programs at a career college in Canada in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver
Group of 8 Greystone College international students in Toronto sitting on stairs, 4 men and 4 women. Study business at Greystone College Canada.

Why study Business at Greystone College?

  • Study high demand business programs that lead directly to jobs. Choose a co-op program to get relevant work experience in business, guaranteed!
  • Take a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) eligible program in Montreal
  • Choose a transfer credit-eligible. program in Toronto or Vancouver and start a learning path that includes advanced placement in a bachelor's degree, and future opportunities for a PGWP through our partner schools.
  • Learn from faculty with real business, operations, and managerial expertise and discover what makes a business or organization run effectively.
  • Study business topics in an international environment and develop business skills and networks that will support your success in the global economy.

Explore our Business Programs

Get transfer credit and advanced standing in a diploma or degree program

Group of International students sit and study at a desk in a building.  Take a program to earn transfer credit into a bachelor's degree program at Canadian universities and colleges.

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