Students in the grass waving to each other in front of a university - take a credit transfer program at Greystone College Australia and earn credits that are accepted for advanced standing at partner colleges and universities

Credit Transfer Programs

Study at Greystone College and receive advanced standing in degree programs at a variety of Australian TAFE and university partner schools.

Take a credit transfer program at Greystone College & fast track your Australian higher education goals.

Greystone College is partnered with a variety of reputable Australian colleges and universities. These institutions recognize our qualifications and allow qualified Greystone College graduates to transfer credits and receive advanced standing. With over 20 different credit transfer-eligible Bachelor's degree programs and specializations available at our partner schools (and growing!) our graduates have lots of opportunities to advance their studies in areas that meet their personal interests, needs, and goals.

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Why Choose a Greystone College Credit Transfer Program?

Starting at Greystone College will help you save money on your overall tuition fees.  Depending on the partner school and program you choose, you can save as much as $10,000 or more on your total tuition.

Earn a Bachelor's degree faster by transferring credits earned in a Greystone College program and receiving advanced placement in a program with one of our higher education partners.

Greystone College is partnered with a growing list of public and private higher education providers across Australia that offer a variety of Bachelor program options and specialties.

Explore our range of partners and eligible transfer programs and choose an option that fits your personal study, work, and life goals.

Enjoy an easy, supported introduction to the Australian education system.  Greystone College's small teacher to student ratios, friendly and welcoming staff, and personalized attention will help you adapt to studying in Australia before moving to degree program at our larger public partner institutions.

Earn one or more recognized qualifications from Greystone College, and a Bachelor's degree from one of our partner schools. 

Getting foundational studies at Greystone College will also give you an extra edge when starting a Bachelor's degree program at one of our partner schools.

Ready to build an Academic Pathway in Australia?

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