Study Area
Volunteer and Study
Location Available Vancouver, Toronto, Montréal, San Francisco, New York
10 – 24 weeks (Canada) | 8 weeks+ (USA)
Full-Time or Full-Time Intensive in Canada Full-Time, Full-Time Plus, Full-Time Intensive, or Part-Time in the USA
Start Dates

Every Monday except the last week of a session

Language Levels B1B2B3B4I1I2I3I4A1A2

Available in French or English in Montréal. In Canada, students complete all of their studies before beginning their volunteer experience.
In the USA, students complete 4 weeks of study choosing from ILSC's variety of courses, and then combine continued language study with an extracurricular, off-campus volunteer experience.

Combine language study with unpaid volunteering in a not-for-profit organization that matches your skills and interests. In the Volunteer Experience, you will volunteer with a socially-forward, dynamic and innovative organization. Put your language skills to the test supporting important initiatives and causes in areas like the environment, community involvement, non-profit, arts & tourism and social/humanitarian. The study + volunteer experience package gives you the chance to:

  • Develop your language skills in the classroom
  • Practise your language skills in the community
  • Get international volunteer experience by contributing your time and talents to an initiative that’s important to you
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of local NGOs and business culture
  • Receive extensive support and counselling from our Volunteer Experience Coordinators

What You'll Learn

Language Skills:

Study English or French* in the classroom. Choose from ILSC's variety of language courses in areas like Communication, Academic and Test Prepration, Business language, and Cultural and Creative language to help you build your language skills. To prepare for the volunteer experience, we recommend you choose Business English, or equivalent courses.

*French available in Montreal only 


Prepare for your Volunteer position:

  • Participate in a Pre-Placement Workshop covering Canadian or American organizational culture, placement tips and common troubleshooting scenarios to prepare you for your placement.
  • Meet with your coordinator for one-on-one support to help you clarify your goals for your volunteer experience, support you with interview skills, and to assess your language progress.
  • In Canada, your Volunteer Experience Coordinator will arrange volunteer placement interviews that meet your interests.In the USA, your coordinator will arrange your placement.


The Volunteer Experience

In Canada, your volunteer experience will begin once you’ve completed your studies. In the USA, you’ll be able to start your volunteer experience after completing 4 weeks of studies, and will continue studying during the volunteer experience (or if you have F1 status, you may complete the volunteer experience at any point throughout the duration of your F1 status, including concurrent to studies or after compeltion of studies during your grace period)

ILSC will provide you with support and monitoring throughout your placement. You will submit weekly reports that will help you get the most out of your experience and help ILSC keep track of your challenges, successes and learning.

Most importantly, you’ll enjoy the rewards of meeting new people, learning new skills, and making a difference in an area that’s important to you.

After completing your placement you’ll meet your coordinator for an evaluation and to receive your certificate of completion.


“This VEP program has enhanced both my personal and professional goals. You get great career training while improving your English at the same time. It also helps the local community and lets you spend quality time with English-speakers! I have made unforgettable memories here and I’m sure it will be the same for you. If there is something you want to do, just go for it. I was able to do this through my VEP internship."

Yulee Choi, Korea