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Greystone College

Open Global Career & Life Opportunities in Business, Tech, 
Digital Marketing, Hospitality, & English Teaching

Take your career skills to the next level with Certificate & Diploma Programs at a Career College in Canada or Australia.

Build your international network and achieve your dreams in quality career training programs at Greystone College, delivered in English. Combine your learning with work and study opportunities to develop academic and practical skills in Business, Tech, Digital Marketing, Hospitality, Project Management, Leadership, and English Teaching. Pathways from ILSC Language Schools, and advanced placement opportunities at partner schools offer life-changing, progressive learning journeys in Canada & Australia.

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Why choose Greystone College

Put international experience on your CV and support your studies through off-campus work. Canadian students can also choose a Co-op program which combines academic study with paid work in a position related to their studies.

Join other successful Greystone College students who start by improving their English at ILSC Language Schools to enhance their learning at Greystone College. Then take advantage of pathways to degree programs at reputable Greystone College partners schools.

At Greystone College, classroom learning is just one part of an amazing mix that includes practical projects, educational excursions, industry expert guest speakers, networking events, and more!

Develop a global mindset in one of our seven world-class cities in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montréal, Canada; and in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth, Australia.

In addition to their diverse educational backgrounds, Greystone College instructors have current, real-world industry experience to share that will enrich your learning and broaden your understanding of key concepts.

Greystone College is committed to your success. Since 2002, our combination of quality vocational training and personalized learning support has helped more than 20K graduates achieve their goals.

Get ready to succeed in the global economy and build cross-cultural communication skills. At Greystone College, you’ll build an international network of peers, coworkers, instructors, and experts who can open career opportunities in your future.

Greystone College’s blended learning combines classroom lectures with digital resources and supports that are accessible, 24/7. Students in Canada also have access to the My SSP app, which supports students' health and wellbeing.

Open up a world of possibilities for your future career and further education by earning Certificates and Diplomas from Greystone that are approved by quality assurance bodies and recognized nationally and internationally.

Explore our Greystone Pathway Program

Need to improve your English level before entering a Greystone College Program? Develop your English abilities and prepare for career college success in our Greystone College Pathway Program.

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Choose Your Greystone College Destination

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  • Study in Vancouver, Toronto, or Montréal
  • Improve your English at ILSC Language Schools to prepare for your college program(s)
  • Take programs in the fields of Business, Tech, Digital Marketing, Hospitality, Teacher Training, or Interpreting & translation
  • Choose a Co-operative Education program to combine academic study with paid work experience in a position related to your study area to enhance your learning.*
  • Completion of some programs provides advanced standing in programs at Greystone College partner schools.
  • Work off-campus up to 20 hours per week while you study (applies throughout academic studies and co-op placement terms).**

*Co-operative education is not available in Montreal: however, Montreal offers an unpaid practicum option.
**Work rights are typically included with your Canadian Study Permit for programs of 6 months or longer; however, they are not guaranteed and depend on the decisions of immigration officials in your study destination.

Takanori Hidaka
Student Stories

"I wanted to get work experience in Canada, and also this program offers general business classes and then more practical courses. The courses helped me a lot when I worked for a company, because I needed to train new employees, and I knew how to deal with that kind of situation. This program, and co-op term, I think will be really helpful for my future."

Takanori Hidaka, Japan
Michaela Boledovicova
Student Stories

"I like all of my classes, and I really like the way of teaching. I also really like the assignments that we have for group presentations – they’re really fun and it also helps us to learn how to work with people from other countries and other cultures."

Michaela Boledovicova, Slovakia
Simran Bhamra
Student Stories

"I would recommend this program to everyone. It’s also a very good cultural mix, we had Mexican students in our class, we had Brazilian students, Colombian and a student from Turkey, India, and Iran, so it’s a really, really good mix of different cultures; if you want to work in the international business field, it’s really good to have that exposure – it just gives you different perspectives and you come to know about people more closely."

Simran Bhamra, India
Evy Cravoisier
Student Stories

"I chose Greystone College because their program would allow me to do a co-op in a multicultural city: Toronto. In fact, I wanted to do a co-op to gain professional experience abroad, to improve my professional english and to be able to put this experience forward in my resume. Thanks to this experience, I learned to take initiative at work which was difficult for me to do before. Thus, I was able to develop and strengthen new professional skills such as teamwork, communication and many others, which enriched my professional experience."

Evy Cravoisier, France

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