3 February 2021

NEW Free Online English Test Students Can Take Any Time

ILSC and Greystone College have just launched a fantastic new tool for potential students. Our new FREE Online English Test can be taken online, any time, by anyone, and it’s now live on our website!

Potential students can take this Free English test to get a general idea of their level before they register. They can use it to create a study plan that matches their goals.

  • ●   Students can quickly take the test, any time
  • ●   Complete the test in about 25-30 minutes
  • ●   Tests English listening and reading skills
  • ●   Results arrive instantly to the test taker’s email
  • ●   Test takers receive customized study suggestions tailored for their level to use as a guide for creating a study plan and budget

How is the New Test Different than the Pre-Arrival Online Language Assessment?

The new Free Online English Test is taken before enrolling to our schools and it provides a short but helpful benchmark as students begin to plan their studies. The test is consistent with the methodology used in ILSC’s existing comprehensive Pre-Arrival Online Language Assessment (PROLA).

Students who apply to ILSC's University Pathway Program, High School Program, or a Greystone College program still need to complete our Pre-Arrival Online Language Assessment so that our academic team can also assess their speaking, writing, and grammar skills. Any registered student can complete the Pre-Arrival Assessment to get placed in the right class before they arrive.



We hope you’re excited about our new Free Online English Test. We’re looking forward to seeing potential students make the most of this new tool which they can use to plan amazing learning experiences at ILSC and/or Greystone College.


Chris Nolan - VP, Sales & Marketing

Christopher Mediratta - President & Chief Operating Officer