ILSC & Greystone College online activities launched!

We are delighted to announce that our global online activities are now available for our students. We offer our online activities from all ILSC locations in Canada, Australia and India to accommodate in a different timezone with a great variety; virtual yoga lessons, cooking class, games and even workout. Our students can connect their classmates outside of the online classroom and even make new friends across the globe. Please find the list of online activities and booking information on

April 30, 2020







Microsoft 365 free for all ILSC & Greystone College Students

Starting April 17th, all new and existing ILSC & Greystone College students will receive free access to Microsoft 365 applications, such as Teams, Sharepoint and the Office package, to make the online learning even easier! Please find this video for more detail.

Apr 17, 2020













ILSC Online Classes FAQ

For our students who need to have any of their questions answered about ILSC and Greystone College Online Classes, please refer to this FAQ link. This page is frequently updated to help answer many of the questions you may have regarding ILSC and Greystone’s online delivery.

Apr 2, 2020









































Canada Ranked Best Place to Study Abroad

Student Survey Responses and Global Trends Combine to Create the Top Ten Ranking with Canada in First Place., Jan 28, 2020



Top 10 Places in the World to Study Abroad - 2020

Canada & Australia take the top 2 spots of the best places to study abroad in the world., Jan 28, 2020