Café Work Skills Class

Develop English & hands-on skills for café work.

Prepare for success working in an English-speaking café in Australia.

This flexible skills class combines practical, hands-on learning with English communication skill development. Learn how to make typical hot beverages served in most cafés using our professional Barista equipment. At the same time, you will develop specialized vocabulary for the café work environment and your general interpersonal communication skills.

In Australia, this program falls under CRICOS Course Code: 0101688 General English Program.


Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Montréal


4 weeks


Café Work Skills is a skills class.
Choose any Full-Time schedule to have the option to choose the Café Work Skills class once you arrive at the school.*


Any Monday except the last week of a session

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Intermediate 1 for Australia, Beginner 4 for Montréal

*Class offerings and availability may vary depending on student enrollment and location.


What you’ll learn

ILSC Australia’s Café Work Skills Class provides practical, hands-on learning and prepares students for work in an English-speaking café or customer service position. Students are introduced to a wide range of tasks and functions typical of work in a café, and practise their skills in ILSC’s simulated café environment, taking orders, and serving beverages to students on campus. Students who successfully complete the class will receive a Café Work Skills Certificate.

  • Specialized vocabulary for the café work environment
  • Improve pronunciation
  • Describe menu items
  • Build general language skills
  • Language for the work search
  • Spoken interaction skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Intercultural skills
  • Develop communication fluency

  • How to make typical hot beverages including cappuccinos, espressos, lattes, hot chocolates, mochas and more
  • How to use professional coffee making equipment
  • Handling money
  • Taking orders
  • Serving customers
  • Cleaning and maintenance of coffee making equipment
  • Health and safety procedures


  • Learn specialized vocabulary for serving and making coffee
  • Get experience using professional coffee making equipment
  • Develop teamwork and coffee barista skills that will make you more employable
  • Build language skills for the work search
  • Get real, hands-on experience serving coffee to students from the ILSC Café on your campus
  • Flexible skills class can be added to your General English program any time

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