Study Area
Business Language
Location Available San Francisco, New York
4 weeks per Certificate; 12 weeks for Diploma**
Full-Time, Full-Time Plus or Full-Time Intensive
Start Dates

Session start dates

Language Levels B1B2B3B4I1I2I3I4A1A2

*The Diploma is only available in San Francisco
**Minimum length: actual length may vary depending on student progress and schedule

Develop specialized English language skills for business through 3 certificate options including the Executive Business English Certificate, Executive Marketing Certificate, or the Executive Business Management Certificate.

  • Improve understanding and strengthen knowledge of current business topics
  • Expand comprehension of business vocabulary, idioms and colloquial language
  • Increase fluency, accuracy, and confidence in using your language skills for a variety of business applications, including emailing, presentations, negotiation, and more
  • Identify challenges, set goals, and reach them in semi-private lessons tailored to your unique needs

What You'll Learn

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business communication skills. Explore current business issues and debate best business practices in dynamic group settings.

Improve even faster in semi-private lessons with personalized curriculum designed to meet your learning needs and help you reach your language goals. 

In semi-private classes you will study with 1 instructor and up to 2 other students, allowing you to receive focused attention while learning with your peers.

Certificate programs are available in the Full-Time, Full-Time Plus and Full-Time Intensive schedules. Full-Time Intensive students will be able to complement their group classes and semi-private lessons with elective courses in the afternoon.  Full-Time Plus students will add self-study to their program.



Program Schedule and Courses


Executive Business English Certificate (4 Weeks)

Executive Marketing Certificate (4 weeks)

Executive Business Management Certificate (4 weeks)

Entry Level

Intermediate 1

Intermediate 2

Intermediate 3


Semi-private lesson

Semi-private lesson

Semi-private lesson


Group business class such as English for the Workplace

Group business class with a marketing focus, such as Marketing, or Advertising Media

Group business class with a management focus, such as Management and Human Resources


(optional: Full-Time Intensive or Full-Time Plus Schedule)

In the Full-Time Intensive schedule, select from a variety of afternoon elective classes such as:

Listening for Professionals, Public Speaking, Business Presentation Skills and more

OR In the Full-Time Plus schedule, take Self study classes twice per week