Business English & Hospitality Mastery

Improve English skills to help you in an entry-level job in Australia’s hospitality industry.

Learn English for Business Hospitality and get comfortable using English for entry level hospitality jobs.

Study a suggested selection of classes that will help make you comfortable communicating in an English-speaking workplace. Improve communication while also developing new skills and business vocabulary as you get to know about the hospitality industry.

In Australia, this program falls under CRICOS Course Code: 0101688 General English Program.


Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne


8 weeks minimum


Full-Time, or Full-Time Intensive


Every Monday except the last week of a session

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Beginner 4



Complete two sessions of the following Core Class and choose two of the following Skills Classes to receive the Business English and Hospitality Mastery.

*Class selection is subject to availability and may vary depending on enrolment.

Business English develops your English skills for an international business workplace. Practice speaking, listening, reading and writing for a variety of business contexts. Develop accuracy in grammar and vocabulary to communicate effectively in business situations. Topics cover a wide range of general business subjects including careers, management styles and customer service.

  • Language Levels:  B4 I1 I2 I3 I4
  • Locations:  Sydney,  Brisbane,  Melbourne,  Vancouver,  Toronto,  Montreal,  New Delhi

Learn how to communicate and express yourself more confidently. Improve your fluency and learn new ways to express yourself for positive, clear and open communication. This is a fluency class with lots of fun speaking and non-verbal behaviour activities.

  • Language Levels:  B3 B4 I1 I2 I3 I4
  • Locations:  Sydney,  Brisbane,  Melbourne,  Montreal,  New Delhi

Learn practical skills to work in a café! Café Work skills is a practical, hands-on course in which you will practice a wide range of tasks typical of work in a café, such as making espresso drinks, using an espresso machine, taking orders, describing menu items and handling money.

  • Language Levels:  A1 A2 B3 B4 I1 I2 I3 I4
  • Locations:  Sydney,  Brisbane,  Melbourne,  Adelaide,  Montreal

The tourism industry is one of the world's largest employers. This interactive course helps you master industry-related English language skills needed in hospitality jobs such as hotels, catering and concierge. You will have the opportunity to practice a wide range of tasks and functions typical of work in the hospitality industry, such as managing phone calls and correspondence, offering advice on attractions and solving customer service problems.

  • Language Levels:  A1 A2 B3 B4 I1 I2 I3 I4
  • Locations:  Sydney,  Brisbane,  Melbourne,  Vancouver

Why Choose the Business English and Hospitality Mastery?

  • Study English topics that also help you with resume writing, job search techniques and interviewing.
  • Learn about and practise effective phone conversation.
  • Practise speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  • Choose 2 of 4 skills class options to help you target the skills that interest you.
  • Targeted Business and Hospitality English classes will help you to find, secure, and succeed in entry-level hospitality jobs in Australia.
  • Receive a mastery certificate indicating your focused study in Business English and Hospitality.

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