Two international students study Hindi and explore the city of New Delhi through ILSC's English school

Discover India through the Hindi Language

Learn India’s most commonly spoken language & build a deeper understanding of Indian culture.

Learn Hindi to enrich your cultural experience in India.

Develop your Hindi skills to support your day-to-day interactions and adventures as you live and learn in India. ILSC New Delhi’s Beginner and Intermediate Hindi certificate programs can be a learning adventure on their own, or a helpful complement to your English study journey in New Delhi. Combine the two and you’ll be able to speak India’s two official government languages.

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Why choose ILSC Hindi Programs

Learning Hindi in New Delhi will support an amazing travel and learning adventure through one of the world’s most dynamic, unique, and magical travel destinations. Add Hindi study to your English learning journey to enrich your Indian study and travel experience.

More than 750 languages spoken are spoken in the diverse country of India, but Hindi is the most common one, and is recognized as one of two official government languages along with English. Gaining functional skills in Hindi will make life easier during your Indian adventure.

Learning Hindi in India will help you dive deeper into a rich cultural immersion experience as you live the language and connect with locals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. If you learn both English and Hindi, you’ll be able to gain a wider perspective, and build deeper connections with Indian life.

Like all ILSC Language Schools, ILSC New Delhi uses a dynamic, interactive, and student-centred approach to learning. Hindi course content and learning approaches will adapt to the unique needs and interests of students in the class.

All of our Hindi teachers are native Hindi speakers with teaching experience and certifications. Learn from local teachers who are passionate to share their language and culture, and to provide you with meaningful and functional language skills to enrich your experience in India.

ILSC New Delhi offers Hindi Certificates in the Part-Time AM schedule, as well as private or semi-private tutoring which can be scheduled according to your needs. Study Hindi exclusively, or add it to your English study program to get the best of both languages, and both worlds.

When you study Hindi or English at ILSC New Delhi, you’ll be part of a safe, supportive learning community. Connect with other local and international students, get great adventure tips from our staff and teachers, and achieve your goals with the help of a caring community that wants you to succeed.

Explore our Hindi Classes and Programs

Discover our selection of Hindi programs to suit your needs. Take Hindi on its own or combine Hindi tutoring classes with your English studies to complement your learning and enhance your experience.

Yoga Packages
Guided Tours: New Delhi
Hindi Communication Certificate
Private Tutoring in Hindi

Study Schedules

Hindi classes are available in the Part-Time AM schedule only.  For students who would like a more intensive Hindi Communication learning experience, we recommend adding private tutoring to your program.

CORE CLASSES: Core classes provide a strong, comprehensive foundation in the subject area.

SKILLS CLASSES: Skills classes build on your core learning and enhance linguistic skills through content focused on your particular interests, weak areas, or to help you achieve specific learning goals.

PROGRAM: A program at ILSC is the study package you build that meets your interests and helps you achieve your goals. A program can also be a pre-packaged selection of classes created by ILSC.

1 lesson = 50 minutes.



Study Hindi in New Delhi, India.


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