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Marketing Programs in Australia

Our Marketing stream provides the skills you need to develop effective marketing and communication strategies to support and promote business activities.

Study marketing in Australia and earn progressive qualifications to support success in leading marketing & communications strategies & teams.

The business qualifications under our Marketing stream will provide you with a dynamic, transferrable set of skills that will help you research, plan and execute marketing and communications strategies, and progress towards creative and strategic direction and leadership skill sets within the marketing and communications field. Programs in this stream will provide you with a range of business marketing and communications skills to help you drive success and achieve organisational goals. Innovation add-ons at the Advanced Diploma level will focus on fostering innovation and continuous improvement.

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Why study Marketing?

  • Greystone College's Marketing stream can support your goal to become a highly-skilled marketing and communications professional or enhance your profile in a current role with in-demand skills that support your organisational success
  • This set of progressive business and marketing programs will help you build a dynamic skill set, from hands-on entry-level work in the field, through to strategic marketing and communications leadership and creative direction 
  • Innovation focused add-ons at the advanced level will foster your capacity for continuous growth, innovation, and creativity, and help you inspire forward-thinking teams
  • Enhance your learning in our industry expert talks and class excursions that provide real-world examples and experiences to educate and inspire you!
  • Learn from highly qualified and motivated trainers with years of professional experience and industry networks that can support your success
  • Earn qualifications approved by the Australian Qualifications Framework

Create your Marketing learning path

Combine programs to create a learning pathway that provides a focused set of foundational to advanced skills.

Get transfer credit and advanced standing in a Diploma or degree program

Greystone College Australia students studying programs that offer transfer credit to universities, TAFEs and colleges in Australia

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