Beginner Hindi Certificate

Get an introduction to Hindi, India’s most commonly-spoken language.

Build Hindi listening and speaking skills and get introduced to the Hindi script.

Learn Hindi, India’s most commonly spoken language. The Beginner Hindi Certificate is developed by certified and highly experienced Indian trainers. This program is interactive, communicative, and highly practical for anyone looking to learn the basics of Hindi. Develop language skills that will deepen your understanding of Indian culture and help you with your daily interactions in Delhi.


New Delhi


4 modules
(15 hours per module)


Part-Time AM / Flexible
Courses are offered in the AM timeslot only.
For longer daily study schedule, add tutoring


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What you'll learn in the Beginner Hindi Certificate?

Begin your Hindi learning journey in ILSC New Delhi’s interactive and engaging classes. Teachers use various materials such as textbooks, audio CDs, internet sites, movies, songs and newspapers to help you learn. Discover and practice the language using role-plays, group and pair work, and language games.

The Beginner Hindi Certificate consists of 4 course modules, with 15 hours of study per module.

Greetings and introductions; talking about habits and routines; simple present tense; introduction to Hindi sound system; Hindi alphabet—letter recognition and formation; cultural point—how and when to greet someone in social situations, and non-verbal communication; language point— different pronouns for the old and the young, relationship between adjectives and gender.

Talking about weather; asking about location of places; negotiating with autorickshaw driver; present continuous tense, imperatives, masculine and feminine; verbs for daily activities; dependent vowel signs; word formation; cultural point— relationship between men and women, taboos in India; language point—use of suffixes to change the politeness of commands; English loan words.

Making plans; asking for prices; inquiring about availability; future tense; singular plural; nasal sounds; numbers; time expressions; colours; conjuncts and their sounds; cultural point—gift giving, and art of negotiating in India; language point—Hindi loan words in English, and colloquial expressions.

Offering and asking for food; refusing politely; talking about health; expressing feelings; adjectives; possessive pronouns; sounds of joint letters; words related to food; parts of the body; sentence formation; punctuation; cultural point: eating etiquette, and do’s and don’ts in India; language point—formal vs. informal language.


  • Learn from certified and experienced native Hindi teachers
  • Small class sizes and flexible start dates provide a personalized experience
  • Get introduced to the Hindi script and begin to read and write
  • Learn basic vocabulary and Hindi grammar
  • Practice listening with real-life dialogues and conversations
  • Learn all the important phonological features of Hindi
  • Discover important cultural tips
  • Practise functional language

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