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Convenient online learning that fits your work, life and personal commitments, is available at a variety of language levels, and is a fast track to achieving your language learning goals.



$110 per week
$10 per week
LESSONS*  18 lessons per week
HOURS  15 hours per week
PROGRAMS General French Communication
PROGRESSION* from 4 weeks per ILSC level
WHAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE • Improve your conversational French
• Work towards meeting the Quebec government French language requirement to successfully graduate from your program at Collège Greystone Montréal

*All pricing is in Canadian dollars.  1 lesson is equal to 50 minutes.  Students in the Semi-Intensive Online schedule may take 4 weeks or longer to progress to the next level.    Progression is not guaranteed, and your ability to level up will depend on your attendance, completion of homework, personal aptitude, and overall commitment to your studies.

Why Choose ILSC Allo Online French Programs

Easily access classes & study materials through Microsoft Teams & Moodle. Plus receive free access to the Office 365 Suite.

Progress in as little as 4-8 weeks.

At the end of every session, your teacher will give you a customized Student Progress Report (SPR). Your SPR will help guide you towards achieving your French learning goals.

Easily start your French studies from wherever you are in the world. You can complete your studies from home, or transition to an on campus program at ILSC or Greystone College at a time that's right for you.

Quickly access classes and learning resources through:
myILSC app
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Classes are taught by our engaging, experienced teachers who provide the ILSC's high-quality language education through dynamic and interactive live virtual classes.

Classes are scheduled at a convenient time in your local time-zone that supports your study goals and fits around your life.

The myilsc App makes your French learning experience easy. Use it to prepare before you start, track your progress and attendance, practice your French, and so much more, all from the convenience of your phone.

Expand your world as you connect, learn, and share unique perspectives with a diverse international student community.

Explore our Online French Programs

Our quality Online French programs will help you meet your study goals. We're here to support you with your French learning success, whether you're looking to improve your French skills for your career, testing, higher education or immigration to Canada, or to meet Quebec's French language requirement for graduating from College Greystone programs in Montreal.

General French Communication Online

Study Schedule


Semi-Intensive Online

18 lessons / 15 hours per week
Ideal for students who want progression and a variety of French class options
Mon-Fri  OR  Sun-Thu*
3 hours
*Exact start and end times and days of the week will vary depending on your time zone.  All students will enjoy 5 consecutive days per week of study.
1 lesson = 50 minutes

ILSC French Level Equivalencies

ILSC offers a wide range of classes at 10 progressive language levels: from Débutant / Beginner 1 (D1/B1) to Avancé / Advanced 2 (A2).

ILSC's core classes are typically offered at all 10 levels, while elective classes often combine students from two successive levels, allowing them to share their strengths and skills with other students.


The range of tests listed varies greatly in design, purpose, and format. This chart is intended to serve only as a guideline for test scores and ILSC levels and may not apply equally to every individual.
Students completing a level in the ILSC ALLO Online French program are welcome to transfer to an in-person campus at ILSC in accordance with the above level equivalency chart.

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