December 16, 2020

As Canada gets ready to start the first stages of its COVID-19 vaccination plan, we’re feeling optimistic about welcoming more new students to ILSC and Greystone College Canada in 2021. We’ve got a few important and exciting updates to share as we close out the year;

  • ●   Our Toronto schools’ COVID-19 readiness plan has been approved!
  • ●   We’ve added a new Quarantine Accommodation option in Vancouver.
  • ●   Plus we want to remind you about our new schedules and programs, and share some temporary program delivery adjustments.
  • ●   We’ve also got new market pricing on the way in our next email, so stay tuned!

ILSC & Greystone College Toronto Schools will be on the COVID-19 DLI List on December 29th

ILSC and Greystone College Toronto’s COVID-19 readiness plan has now completed Ontario’s rigorous review process and we’re delighted to share that it has been approved! As of December 29th, our schools will officially appear on the DLI list of schools approved to welcome students during COVID-19. We can’t wait to begin welcoming international students back into Canada to our Toronto campuses!


Delivery Update for ILSC and Greystone College Canada

We will be temporarily shifting all Montréal classes online from December 17th to January 10th to comply with the Quebec government’s COVID-19 guidance for schools during the holiday season. From January 11th, 2021, ILSC students will be back in the school, and Greystone College students will return to simulcasting (in school two days per week and connecting online 3 days per week).



New Quarantine Accommodation Option

Vancouver has a new Quarantine Accommodation option! Our GEC Granville package includes everything you need for your safe arrival, plus enjoy amazing views of the city, right from the heart of Vancouver.



Our New Canada Schedules start January 4th

We would like to remind you again that our new Canadian Schedules will start on January 4th, 2021. Our new Full-Time Intensive, Full-Time Morning, Part-Time Morning schedules provide more flexibility to students who can now choose a study schedule that fits their lifestyle, study goals and/or budget.

From session one in 2021, students taking the Full-Time Intensive Schedule will attend their core class and first skills class of the day on campus but will complete their second skills class online from home. This temporary measure is to avoid mixing students from different classes and cohorts to ensure their safety and the safety of our staff and teachers. To allow students time to return home, the online skills class will be offered from 2:30 – 3:30 pm local Montréal, Toronto, or Vancouver time.



New Flexible Language Workshops on the first day of the Session

Along with our new schedules, we’re also aligning with our Australia schools to offer flexible and optional learning opportunities on the first day of every new session. Students can choose from various elective class workshops to help build their language skills. Workshops are 4 hours long, and mixed level. Elective classes will include University Pathway assistance, English or French through Food, and Beginner French. Regular classes begin the following day.


New Digital Marketing Programs are Starting Soon

Greystone College Canada’s new suite of Digital Marketing programs begins on February 15th, 2021. We’re very excited about these new programs that will help students develop in-demand skills for attracting, engaging and converting clients through digital media. Programs are starting in the evening schedule in Toronto and Vancouver and include co-op program options.



Our teams at ILSC and Greystone College are looking forward to welcoming students in 2021 and beyond and are preparing for a successful new year!

Chris Nolan - VP, Sales & Marketing

Christopher Mediratta - President & Chief Operating Officer