University Admissions Service

Get support applying to a College, TAFE or University program from our Pathway experts.

Apply for Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor's, or Master's degree programs at any of ILSC's college, TAFE, or university partner schools in Canada or Australia.

Applying to a college or university can be challenging; application procedures and requirements vary among schools and programs. The University Admissions Service provides academic counselling to help you choose where and what to study and helps you with the entire application process.

About our University Admissions Services


This service is recommended for those who have an advanced level of English and/or already have an official English test such as IELTS, CEFR, TOEFL, or Duolingo, with a score that will meet the university/college/TAFE English requirement at one of our partner schools. The required score will depend on the program and institution you choose.

However, if you do not have an official English test, you can enroll for a minimum period of 4 weeks in the ILSC University Pathway program and take advantage of the free Admission Service offered to ILSC students.



  • Get information about ILSC's partner colleges and universities in Canada and Australia.
  • Discuss your study interests and career goals.
  • Review your entry qualifications for the program/institution of your choice.
  • Get support choosing a school/program based on your interests and preferred location, if needed.

Application Process Assistance:

  • Review the application requirements with a University Pathway advisor.
  • Get assistance completing the application form, paying application fees, and submitting all the required documents.
  • Get answers to any questions that arise throughout the application process.

Application Follow-up:

  • Get confirmation once all application materials are received by the institution and your application is complete.
  • Get updates on the status of your application.
  • Upon acceptance, get support on reviewing the Offer Letter/Letter of Acceptance, and on how to pay tuition fees and submit your study permit.

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