Business Programs

Develop the skills for effective business management and communication in an international environment

Study business in Canada, and earn a qualification in the most popular study area worldwide.

A business qualification will provide you with versatile skills that open career opportunities in a variety of businesses and organizations. Explore topics like business communications, management, trade, marketing and more, and learn what it takes to make a business run effectively. Whether you leverage your business skills to grow in your career, or set out to realize your entrepreneurial dreams, business studies will give you the tools you need to grow and succeed.


Why study Business?

  • Business is the most popular study area globally, and opens a wide range of potential career opportunities as an employee, manager, or entrepreneur
  • Develop transferrable soft and hard skills that will make you more successful in any industry
  • Build a foundation for future business studies, entry level work, or to advance your current career
  • Learn about business communications, marketing, organizational behaviour, and more, and discover what makes a business or organization run effectively
  • Learn in English in an international environment and develop business skills and networks that will support your success in the global economy

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Get transfer credit and advanced standing in a diploma or degree program


Additional Certification from the Canadian Institute of Management

The Canadian Institute of Management is Canada’s senior management association. As a non-profit organization, the Institute is dedicated to the enhancement of managerial skills and professional development. Many Greystone College business programs are eligible for additional certifications from the Canadian Institute of Management.

Takanori Hidaka
Student Stories

"I wanted to get work experience in Canada, and also this program offers general business classes and then more practical courses. The courses helped me a lot when I worked for a company, because I needed to train new employees, and I knew how to deal with that kind of situation. This program, and co-op term, I think will be really helpful for my future."

Takanori Hidaka, Japan
Michaela Boledovicova
Student Stories

"I like all of my classes, and I really like the way of teaching. I also really like the assignments that we have for group presentations – they’re really fun and it also helps us to learn how to work with people from other countries and other cultures."

Michaela Boledovicova, Slovakia
Simran Bhamra
Student Stories

"I would recommend this program to everyone. It’s also a very good cultural mix, we had Mexican students in our class, we had Brazilian students, Colombian and a student from Turkey, India, and Iran, so it’s a really, really good mix of different cultures; if you want to work in the international business field, it’s really good to have that exposure – it just gives you different perspectives and you come to know about people more closely."

Simran Bhamra, India
Evy Cravoisier
Student Stories

"I chose Greystone College because their program would allow me to do a co-op in a multicultural city: Toronto. In fact, I wanted to do a co-op to gain professional experience abroad, to improve my professional english and to be able to put this experience forward in my resume. Thanks to this experience, I learned to take initiative at work which was difficult for me to do before. Thus, I was able to develop and strengthen new professional skills such as teamwork, communication and many others, which enriched my professional experience."

Evy Cravoisier, France

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