University Pathway Canada Progression Guarantee

Achieve your goals at ILSC and beyond – progress one English level in as little as 4 weeks, or up to a maximum of 8 weeks, guaranteed!


Reach your higher education goals fast, guaranteed.

ILSC is committed to delivering academic excellence and we’re confident that our University Pathway Program will help you achieve your goals. Take the University Pathway program at ILSC Canada and we guarantee that you will progress in just 4 to 8 weeks per ILSC English level.

73% of our students progress one level in just 4 weeks. For the rest, we provide personalized support to ensure they pass in 8 weeks. If not, students receive FREE tuition until they pass the level!*
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Over 73% of our University Pathway students progress one level in just 4 weeks.
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90%+ of our University Pathway students successfully reach their target English level and graduate.
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Highest GPA

According to our trusted partner schools, our graduates have the highest cumulative GPA among all their major pathway program partners.

How We Guarantee Your Success

Our dedicated and experienced team knows what you need to succeed. We're here to help you every step of the way!

Our University Pathway experts work closely with your instructors to ensure you have the support you need to be successful. This dynamic team has the expertise and experience to help you reach your goals.

Regular, weekly check-ins with your instructors will help you understand your ongoing progress, strengths, weaknesses, and what you can do to achieve success.

73% of students progress to the next level in just 4 weeks, but if you don’t reach this goal, your Academic Success Support Team will provide an individualized learning plan designed to help you reach the next level by the end of the maximum 8 weeks.

Join our free workshops to get extra practice. Your Academic Success Support Team may recommend workshops as part of your individualized learning plan.


How the Progression Guarantee Works

We guarantee that you will progress through each level in a maximum of 8 weeks (most students progress one level in just 4 weeks). If you do not level up in 8 weeks, you will receive FREE Full-Time Intensive study until you pass the level!

To take advantage of our guarantee, you must:

  • Take the Full-Time Intensive schedule for the entire program
  • Achieve 95% Attendance
  • Complete 100% of class assessments
  • If required, follow the Individualized Learning Plan designed by your teachers and pathway coordinators
  • Take all workshops and electives recommended by your instructor

Level Progression at ILSC

ILSC offers a wide range of courses at 10 progressive language levels, from Beginner 1 (B1) to Advanced 2 (A2).

73% of University Pathway Program students in Canada who take the Full Time Intensive Schedule progress one ILSC language level in just 4 weeks! See our level equivalency chart to see how our levels compare to common English proficiency tests. And check out a typical student journey through the University Pathway Program in Canada.

20 weeks of Full Time Intensive study = 5 ILSC levels of progression



  • Website Image_Student Progression2

    Start at Beginner 4

    4 Weeks

  • Website Image_Student Progression3

    Intermediate 1

    4 Weeks

  • Website Image_Student Progression7

    Intermediate 2

    4 Weeks

  • Website Image_Student Progression4

    Intermediate 3

    4 Weeks

  • Website Image_Student Progression6

    Intermediate 4

    4 Weeks

  • Website Image_Student Progression8

    Advanced 1 reached

    Ready to start higher education program at ILSC partner school*

    *Entry level requirements for our partner schools vary.

HyunAn Lee
Student Stories

"My highlight program is AP course at ILSC. AP program helped me improving all English skills, writing, listening, reading and speaking. I don’t have experience here. So I have difficulty to decide college. After consulting, I chose my college because they are expert about college. They gave so many useful information and support to me. Not doing IELTS and choosing pathway program helps many student doesn’t have to feel pressure."

HyunAn Lee, Korea
Dora Lai
Student Stories

"All you need to do is follow your teacher’s steps. Then you will be fine. Most important is that they help me how to do my job in university or college. I am not only learning like listening, speaking, I can also learn how to do the research essay including doing the references in the right way, APA or other types."

Dora Lai, Taiwan
Clarice Nascimento
Student Stories

"The University Pathway Program was really important for me especially to develop some skills in this academic field so it is really easy for me to write my essays, my reports and I feel more comfortable talking with my professors and my classmates. The number of partners that ILSC have, it is good because we can have a variety of choice with good institutions. I have many good memories from ILSC."

Clarice Nascimento,

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