Cambridge Mastery Program

Practise and prepare for Cambridge B2 First and C1 Advanced exams in specialized classes.

Target reading, use of English, writing, listening and speaking skills to prepare for Cambridge B2 First and C2 Advanced exams.

Target key skill areas to support success on Cambridge exams. Weekly Cambridge practice tests will help you measure your progress, get familiar with the type of questions and test materials used on the official exams, and get comfortable completing exam tasks under pressure. Plus get helpful Cambridge exam, test-taking tips!

In Australia, this program can fall under two CRICOS Course Codes:

  • Students taking dedicated Cambridge study: 0101687 Cambridge Mastery Program
  • Students who add this to a general study program: 0101688 General English Program

Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne 


Cambridge Mastery B2 First: 6 - 12 weeks
Cambridge Mastery C1 Advanced: 6 - 11 weeks


Full-Time or Full-Time Intensive


Start dates align with upcoming Exam dates. See Program Flyers for current dates.


B2 First:Intermediate 1 for 10+ week programs
Intermediate 2 for 6-8 week programs
C1 Advanced: Intermediate 3 for 10+ week programs
Intermediate 4 for 6-8 week programs


Students will take the closed Cambridge Mastery with the same instructor and students for the entire duration of their program, targeting a specific Cambridge Language Assessment level. 

In Canada, students can prepare for the B2 First, or the C1 Advanced Cambridge exams.

In Australia, they can prepare for the B2 First exam.

Open Cambridge preparation classes are also available. Students may add them to their General English study for whatever duration meets their needs.

Canada Program Dates: Dec 30, 2019-Mar 6 (10 wks), Jan 27-Mar 6 (6wk), Mar 23-May 15 (8wk), Oct 5-Dec 11 (10wk) Nov 2-Dec 11 (6wk)

Australia Program Dates: Dec 30, 2019 (11 weeks), Mar 23 (12 weeks), Jun 15 (11 weeks), Sep 7 (12 weeks)

Canada Program Dates: Dec 30, 2019-Mar 13(11wks), Jan 27-Mar 13 (7wk), Mar 23- May 15 (8wk), Oct 5-Dec 11 (10wk), Nov 2-Dec 11 (6wk)


  • Focus on all areas of the Cambridge B2 First, or Cambridge C1 Advanced exams, including reading, use of English, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • Instructors will assess your strengths and weaknesses at the start of the program to tailor coursework to the specific needs of students.
  • Weekly practise exams will help you track progress and get comfortable and familiar with the test.
  • Improve your overall English language skills and get ready for success in higher education or for work in an English-speaking country.
  • A diverse range of multi-media materials will help familiarize you with different accents and improve your listening comprehension.
  • Complete up to 3 months of intensive Cambridge Exam preparation under the same instructor
  • Teachers have years of experience teaching Cambridge Preparation

What are the Cambridge Exams?

Cambridge English offers English Language Assessment tests to certify test takers with a range of language levels and for various general and specialized uses including academic, business and more. The Cambridge exams are widely recognized in education, commerce and industry, and over 15,000 organizations worldwide accept the Cambridge English exams as evidence of English ability.


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