Certificate IV in Business (Sustainability)

Develop a specialized set of transferable business skills with a concentrated focus on sustainability


Develop transferable business skills with a focus on sustainable business practices.

Build key skills and knowledge to support your success in a variety of Business Services job roles. A specialized set of units in this qualification will help you  learn to plan, implement, monitor, evaluate and lead sustainable workplace practises.

In this qualification, you will learn to apply solutions to a specific range of unpredictable problems and analyse information from a variety of sources. This qualification will prepare you for roles where you may provide leadership and guidance to others and have some responsibility for the productivity of other staff in the workplace.

Why Choose the BSB40120 Certificate IV in Business (Sustainability)

  • Complete a selection of units designed to build your capacity for developing and leading sustainable business practises
  • Build core competencies to prepare you for business services jobs supporting administration and operations
  • Develop and enhance your soft skills by exploring advanced critical thinking, communication, negotiation, emotional intelligence, and more while you also explore hard skills needed in any business services role
  • Combine your program with progressive qualifications and build a long-term study plan to achieve your learning and career goals

Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney


Weekday 60-66 weeks
Weekend 60-66 weeks

(20 hours/week)
Includes 6 hours/week online study + 14 hours/week in class study

Total length includes 48 weeks study + up to 18 weeks scheduled breaks

Weekday schedule: Wednesday/Thursday available at Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney campuses
Weekend schedule: Friday/Saturday available at Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney campuses


Intermediate 2


2023 - Jan 2, Feb 27, Mar 27, Apr 24, Jun 19, Jul 17, Aug 14, Oct 9, Nov 6, Dec 4

2024 - Jan 29, Feb 26, Mar 25, May 20, Jun 17, Jul 15, Sep 9, Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 30


2023 - Jan 30 - Feb 24; May 22 - Jun 16;
Sept 11 - Oct 6; Dec 25-29 (Christmas)

2024 - Jan 1 - 26; Apr 22 - May 17;
Aug 12 - Sep 6; Dec 2- 20; Dec 23-27 (Christmas)



Work while you study

In Australia student visas typically include the right to work up to 48 hours every 2-week period once your course starts. Working while you study is a great way to immerse yourself in Australian life and earn extra money. Learn more about top industries and typical student jobs available in your study city.

Program Units

In this unit you will learn how to use advanced level critical thinking skills in the workplace. Topics include: Establish role of critical thinking in the workplace; Lead critical thinking process; Develop critical thinking mindset.

In this unit you will learn how to plan and prioritise your tasks at work, and how to seek and evaluate feedback on your work performance. Topics include: Plan personal work schedule; Implement personal work schedule; Review personal work priorities.

In this unit you will learn how to develop emotional intelligence to increase self-awareness, self-management, and social awareness, and to manage relationships in the workplace. Topics include: Prepare to develop emotional intelligence; Develop emotional intelligence; Promote development of emotional intelligence in others.

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to analyse and implement improvements to the environmental sustainability of work practices and monitor their effectiveness. The unit applies to individuals with responsibility for the practices of a specific work area or who lead a work group or team.

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to prepare, implement, and monitor sustainability plans for the workplace. The unit applies to individuals who lead a work group or have responsibility over a specific workplace area. These individuals work in a sustainable manner within their scope of competency, authority and own level of responsibility.

Package this Program

Combine progressive programs to create a long-term study plan at Greystone College Australia and earn multiple qualifications. Study as long as 5 years by combining your BSB40120 Certificate IV in Business with other qualifications. Learn more about package programs, and explore other program options.

Takanori Hidaka
Student Stories

"I wanted to get work experience in Canada, and also this program offers general business classes and then more practical courses. The courses helped me a lot when I worked for a company, because I needed to train new employees, and I knew how to deal with that kind of situation. This program, and co-op term, I think will be really helpful for my future."

Takanori Hidaka, Japan
Michaela Boledovicova
Student Stories

"I like all of my classes, and I really like the way of teaching. I also really like the assignments that we have for group presentations – they’re really fun and it also helps us to learn how to work with people from other countries and other cultures."

Michaela Boledovicova, Slovakia
Simran Bhamra
Student Stories

"I would recommend this program to everyone. It’s also a very good cultural mix, we had Mexican students in our class, we had Brazilian students, Colombian and a student from Turkey, India, and Iran, so it’s a really, really good mix of different cultures; if you want to work in the international business field, it’s really good to have that exposure – it just gives you different perspectives and you come to know about people more closely."

Simran Bhamra, India
Evy Cravoisier
Student Stories

"I chose Greystone College because their program would allow me to do a co-op in a multicultural city: Toronto. In fact, I wanted to do a co-op to gain professional experience abroad, to improve my professional english and to be able to put this experience forward in my resume. Thanks to this experience, I learned to take initiative at work which was difficult for me to do before. Thus, I was able to develop and strengthen new professional skills such as teamwork, communication and many others, which enriched my professional experience."

Evy Cravoisier, France

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