Female international student looking at phone in a dark room accessing chat support.  Greystone College students get free mental health and wellbeing support through KeepMeSafe.

Student Safety, Mental Health & Wellbeing

Through Sonder Greystone College Australia students have 24/7 mental health, safety, and wellbeing support.

Greystone College Australia students have free, 24/7 access to safety, health, & wellbeing support in any language through the Sonder App.

At Greystone College, we know that your wellbeing is key to your success. We're dedicated to empowering you both personally and professionally, supporting you in achieving your educational and career aspirations, and creating a nurturing environment, both on and off campus.

With Sonder, you’ll enjoy free access to on-demand chat support and a wealth of free resources to help your ongoing personal and academic success, in the way that’s most convenient, comfortable and valuable for you.

Sonder can help you when you're feeling:

  • Unwell or injured and need advice from a nurse
  • Worried, stressed or anxious and want to speak to someone
  • In a situation where you need quick access to help
  • Concerned about a friend or family member and need assistance or advice



Why Use The Sonder App?

  • Telehealth and clinical support assistance for medical and mental health challenges
  • Safety alerts about natural disasters
  • Check in calls when students feel unsafe walking home at night
  • A wellbeing library of digital health and safety learning resources
  • 24/7 real-time time support through chat and phone in any language
  • Fully confidential care and advice
Closeup of person's hands holding a phone. Get free counselling support in 60+ languages.

How it Works

Access support any time, anywhere, through the Sonder App.

Sonder will set up an account for you.

You will receive an email from Sonder shortly after your start date with your account information. The email will go to your @ilsceducation.com account, so make sure to check that account for your email from Sonder!

After you receive your email, you'll be able to download the app to your phone, complete a few sign up steps, and be ready to go, with Sonder support at your fingertips any time of the day or night!

Start using your app to access the online resource library, get practical daily life guidance, or connect with immediate, 24/7 support at your fingertips for medical, mental health, or safety concerns, in your own language.