TEF & TEFaQ Preparation

Prepare to achieve your target score on the
Test d’évaluation de français (TEF), TEF Canada or TEF Québec.

Practise your oral &written expression & comprehension in preparation for the TEF or TEFAQ.

The TEF Canada and TEFaQ are recognized as proof of French language proficiency for immigration to Canada and to Quebéc. Prepare to achieve your test goals through exercises targeted to help you improve your oral and written comprehension and expression in French. Practice tests and materials will familiarize you with the test format and help you feel more comfortable completing the official exam.




6 weeks


Two evenings per week, 6:00 – 8:00 PM


Visit www.continuing-education.ilsc.com for dates


Intermediate 1


What You’ll Learn

ILSC Montréal’s TEF and TEFaQ Preparation course will help you prepare to achieve your target score on these tests, which are recognized as proof of French language proficiency for immigration to Canada, or Québec. TEF & TEFaQ Preparation courses are offered through ILSC Montréal’s Continuing Education program.

Evening classes fit with your daytime work or study schedule in Montréal.

E-TEF, E-TEF Canada, E-TEFAQ Official Test Centres

ILSC Montréal and ILSC Toronto are official test centres for the E-TEF, E-TEF Canada, and E-TEFaQ exams. The E exams combine computer-based exam modules with face-to-face assessments, depending on which parts of the test you choose to take.

Learn more about the TEF, TEF Canada, & TEFaQ tests, or register.

Why Choose TEF/ TEFaQ Preparation

  • Prepare to meet your target score on the TEF, TEF Canada, or TEFaQ exam. Different scores provide different points for Canadian and Quebec immigration purposes.
  • Practise for all four sections of the exam, including oral comprehension, oral expression, written comprehension and written expression.
  • Learn from experienced ILSC instructors who are familiar with the TEF and TEFaQ tests.
  • Get familiar with the test format and get more comfortable completing exam tasks by completing practice tests.
  • Teachers will evaluate your level at the start of the course to help you understand which skill areas to put the most focus on.
  • Improve your French communication abilities – while the test is targeted to help you achieve your goals on the TEF & TEFaQ tests you’ll also strengthen your French skills for use in your daily life.

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