Packaged Programs

Combine progressive programs and earn multiple qualifications as you complete a long-term study plan in Australia

Build a unique study package to develop a dynamic set of business skills and learn in Australia for as long as 5 years

Many Greystone College Australia students choose to create packaged study programs by combining multiple qualifications at increasingly higher levels*. Our packaged programs allow you to build a broad set of general and specialized business skills and earn multiple qualifications while you experience living, studying and working in Australia for 2-5 years.

*Students must choose progressively higher-level programs – for example, a Certificate II follow by a Certificate III, followed by a Certificate IV, and so on.

Why Choose Packaged Programs?

  • Earn multiple qualifications that are recognized throughout Australia and globally
  • Create a long-term study plan and immerse yourself in Australian life for up to 5 years
  • Build a diverse, transferrable set of skills and knowledge in both general and specialized business areas
  • Open up a wider range of career opportunities and expand your career networks in Australia over time

Package 2 or More Business Qualifications

Get transfer credit and advanced standing in a Diploma or degree program


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