Hindi Tutoring

Private or semi-private Hindi language classes designed for you.

Customized Hindi tutoring tailored to your specific learning needs.

Add Hindi tutoring to your regular ILSC English program to help you build basic communication skills to make your time in New Delhi easy and to help you better understand the culture. Or add Hindi tutoring to your Beginner or Intermediate Hindi Certificate to great a more intensive learning program.


New Delhi


Flexible according to your needs


5-30 hours per week


Any Monday


Any level


What you'll learn

When you choose private and Semi-private Hindi tutoring at ILSC New Delhi, what you learn depends on you. Let us know your Hindi learning needs and our instructors will customize classes to help you achieve your personal Hindi study goals. Our Private Hindi tutors are all ILSC Instructors with lots of experience teaching students like you.

Hindi Tailored for You

If you’re interested in studying a specialized Hindi topic or have a particular goal that you want to prepare for, get in touch to let us know so that we can create a Hindi study program that will help you learn the vocabulary and communication skills you need.


  • Get 1 to 1 Hindi support in private Hindi classes
  • Or get personalized attention and practice opportunities with 2-3 students in semi-private Hindi classes
  • Add Hindi tutoring to your any language study program to enhance your cultural experience in India.
  • Add private or semi-private English tutoring to a Hindi Certificate Program and progress faster
  • Focus on specific Hindi skills to improve weak areas.
  • Set your personal Hindi learning goals and let our passionate and experienced instructors help you achieve them.

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