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Project Management Programs in Australia

Our Project Management stream provides the skills you need to plan and manage projects with a focus on sustainability.

Study project management in Australia and earn progressive qualifications to support success in sustainably planning & managing projects.

The business qualifications under our Project Management stream will provide you with a dynamic, transferrable set of skills that will help you research, plan and manage projects to meet company goals while integrating sustainable business practises. Programs in this stream will provide you with a range of business skills, including a specialized focus on planning, leading, and managing sustainable workplace practises. Our dedicated Diploma of Project Management will provide solid theoretical experience in the various elements of successful project management.

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Why study Project Management?

  • Greystone College's Project Marketing stream can support your goal to become a highly-skilled project manager, able to lead all aspects of a project from start to finish, and review.
  • This set of progressive business and project management programs will develop your understanding of sustainable workplace practises which you can integrate into a comprehensive project management skill set.
  • Develop dynamic skills in an in-demand area that can be applied across a wide range of industries and career roles.
  • Enhance your learning in our industry expert talks and class excursions that provide real-world examples and experiences to educate and inspire you!
  • Learn from highly qualified and motivated trainers with years of professional experience and industry networks that can support your success
  • Earn qualifications approved by the Australian Qualifications Framework

Create your Project Management learning path

Combine programs to create a learning pathway that provides a focused set of foundational to advanced skills.

Get transfer credit and advanced standing in a Diploma or degree program

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