Creative and Cultural French

Learn French through creative & cultural topics that
spark your interests and reflect the city of Montréal.

Customize your French study experience at ILSC Montréal by exploring creative & cultural topics.

ILSC Montréal offers a wide selection of French language courses that focused around creative and cultural topics like French through Arts, Drama, Food, Films & Songs, and more. This flexible program is designed for students who have built their French language foundation and want to continue learning through unique language topics. Just choose your schedule and choose new courses every 4 weeks.




1 week minimum


Choose any schedule


Every Monday except the last week of a session

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Beginner 3 to Advanced 2



Once you arrive on campus, choose Creative and Cultural French CORE and SKILLS classes that fit your schedule, personal interests, language level, and study goals.

Creative and Cultural French is part of our General French program. This means you can select classes from all of our French study areas, including French Communication, Business French, Creative and Cultural French, and French Academic and Test Preparation classes. Class selection varies depending on a your level, and current enrollment at the school.

Explore Montréal’s diverse neighborhoods, popular cafes and venues at the same time as you enhance your knowledge of everyday French to communicate more easily with native speakers outside the classroom. Take part in tours, listen to presenters and interact with locals to discover and use specific daily target language in real-life situations. This course will empower you to explore Montréal and to see it through the eyes of Montréalers.

  • Language Levels:  A1 A2 I2 I3 I4
  • Locations:  Montreal

The main goal of this course is to make the students realize how international French can be. Students will not only learn the differences found within this language (accents, dialects, vocabulary, etc.) but also similarities between French communities.

Explore the language of art, art critique and art production. Practise your French through drawing, painting, sculpting, writing in a creative journal and visiting art exhibits around the city. No previous art experience is necessary.

  • Language Levels:  B3 B4 I1 I2

Improve your French dramatically with four exciting weeks spent brainstorming, writing, rehearsing and performing an original play. No previous drama experience is necessary.

Improve your French speaking and reading skills while exploring fashion from around the globe. You will study international designers' biographies and talk about the influence fashion has in our everyday lives, as well as the negative impact fashion standards can have on society.

  • Language Levels:  A1 A2 B4 I1 I2 I3 I4
  • Locations:  Montreal

This course introduces you to authentic French through the use of films and songs, helping you improve your French listening skills as you learn about French culture.

  • Language Levels:  A1 B3 B4 I1 I2 I3 I4
  • Locations:  Montreal

Become an investigative reporter for the ILSC News. Refine writing, vocabulary, grammar and design skills in print format, and through blogging. Students have the opportunity to explore the city, investigate issues that are important to them and build solid interviewing skills.

  • Language Levels:  A1 I2 I3 I4

If you want to develop your French skills through exploring media, social media and their impact on society then this course is for you. You will analyze both the structure and context of newspapers, magazines, television, radio and the Internet.

  • Language Levels:  A1 A2 B4 I1 I2 I3 I4
  • Locations:  Montreal

  • Language Levels:  A1 A2 B4 I1 I2 I3 I4
  • Locations:  Montreal

Master the language of international affairs and keep pace with today's changing political climate. Practice English through debates on politics, economics and law. Instructional media for this course includes television, video and the Internet.

  • Language Levels:  A1 I1 I2 I3 I4
  • Locations:  Montreal

Practice spoken French skills by discussing current and historical topics. Pursue personal interests through biographies, presentations, debates and role-play. Improve comprehension skills by analyzing a diverse range of texts and video footage

  • Language Levels:  A1 I2 I3 I4

Enhance your knowledge of everyday colloquial French to communicate more easily with native speakers outside the classroom. Informal language including idioms, phrasal verbs and slang, are taught for practical, real life situations using a variety of authentic materials such as TV shows, commercials and blogs.

  • Language Levels:  A1 A2 B4 I1 I2 I3 I4
  • Locations:  Montreal

The objective of this course is to stimulate your interest in Quebec's culture, politics and history through research and discussion. Choose this class if you wish to improve your communication skills and knowledge about Quebec.

  • Language Levels:  A1 B4 I1 I2 I3 I4
  • Locations:  Montreal

Why Choose Creative & Cultural French?

  • This flexible Creative and Cultural French study program allows students to adapt their French learning as they go, choosing classes that fit their level, study goals, and personal passions.
  • Dynamic, creative classes are designed to engage students from Beginner 3 and up, who have already established their foundational French language skills and want to continue their journey of improvement.
  • Creative and Cultural French topics help students build new skills, learn more about global francophone and local Montréal culture, and explore new and interesting ideas and talents while they learn French.
  • Students have the flexibility to combine Creative and Cultural French courses with classes from any focus area, including French Communication, Business French, and Academic and Test Preparation.
  • Regular Student Progress Reports will help you track your progress and decide what classes to take next.
  • Choose new classes every 4-weeks. Depending on your progress and goals, you may want to take the same class at a higher language level or choose something completely new.
Student Stories

"I’ve been enjoying a lot of the French classes. They have a balance between conversation and grammar. That’s a great opportunity to listen to the language, to have discussions. And there is always some new vocabulary. I’ve already had the opportunity to talk with a lot of people, here at school, with other students. I can understand French better."

Guilherme , Brazil
Student Stories

"When I started studying French at ILSC, my French improved faster than when I was in Mexico. The first day I arrived, I couldn’t understand anything, but after one week, two weeks, I realized that I can speak French because I have to use the language all the time. If you live the language is the only way to improve it."

Samanta , Mexico

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