Language Training for Business

Optimize your workplace communication with comprehensive English and French language instruction tailored to the needs of your employees and workplace.

Customized learning programs to improve in-house communication, efficiency & productivity for companies in Montréal and New Delhi.

ILSC’s Language Training for Business is targeted and tailored to the specific English or French language learning needs of your staff.  ILSC’s experienced and certified English and French teachers can work with you to tailor a program specific to your business communication needs, focusing on key written and spoken communication skills that improve business relationships and effectiveness on the job.


Why Choose ILSC’s Language Training for Business

Our experienced ILSC Language teachers have degrees, teaching certifications, passion, and experience teaching English and/or French to students from around the world.

ILSC can tailor curriculum to the specific business communication needs of individuals and employees. With almost 30 years of experience teaching quality language programs, we have a wide range of teaching resources to draw from to create customized training programs.

Training can be scheduled at a time and place that fits employees work schedules. Learning intensity can be determined based on trainee goals, and needs.

Clients will start with a language level assessment so that ILSC can create programs that meet the linguistic needs of trainees. Ongoing progress reports will support continued improvement and help trainees understand which areas to focus on.

Good communication is one of the foundations of employee and business success.  Support your staff to enhance their relationships, improve collaboration, and achieve business goals more quickly and easily through tailored English and French language training for business.

Choose Your Destination

ILSC Language Training for Business is available to support your staff and business in Montréal, Quebec, Canada, or in New Delhi, India.

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