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Attestation of College Studies (AEC), Digital Marketing Specialist, with Practicum

Learn how to attract, engage, & convert clients across the digital space.

AEC | NWY.24

Build comprehensive, in-demand social media marketing, website management, & design skills to prepare you for the job market.

Explore all the current tools, tips, and trends in the world of digital marketing and learn how to reach clients across a range of digital platforms. This comprehensive program covers social media marketing, e-commerce, digital branding, web design, analytics, and more. You'll learn everything you need to know to launch and grow a digital brand, and leave with transferable skills that will help you gain employment across a range of industries.

In the practicum, get hands-on experience helping a local organization or business reach its digital marketing goals.

Why Choose the Attestation of College Studies (AEC), Digital Marketing Specialist.

  • Build comprehensive skills to prepare you for a hot job market - digital marketers are in demand in Canada and globally!
  • Build a dynamic skill set for building a brand & marketing online through websites, social media, blogs, and email campaigns.
  • Explore e-commerce, customer management systems, WordPress, & other digital tools used to connect with & manage customer relationships.
  • Learn about analytic tools & discover how to use data to strategically plan & refine your digital marketing efforts to achieve goals & targets.
  • Put your new skills into practice in a practicum placement in a role related to digital marketing.
  • For students whose first language isn't English, enter with ILSC Intermediate 3 (IELTS 5.5) or start at ILSC Language schools to improve your English level before entry.



Morning 56-64 weeks
Evening 92 weeks

Morning Schedule includes 36 weeks study + up to 8 weeks scheduled breaks + 20 week practicum placement
Evening Schedule includes 54 weeks study + up to 18 weeks scheduled breaks + 20 week practicum placement
Schedules will be adjusted in December to accommodate public holidays. Contact us for more information.


1110 total hours
26.25 hours/week (Morning), 15 hours/week (Evening)


Intermediate 3

(Equivalent to TOEFL iBT: 46, IELTS: 5.5)

OR Completion of a minimum of three full years of study in a secondary or post-secondary institution where the sole language of instruction is English.


View general Greystone College Admission Requirements for your chosen campus.


2024: Jan 2, Jan 29, Feb 26, Mar 25, Apr 22, Aug 12, Sep 9, Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 2, Dec 30 (first session of 2025)

2024: Jan 29, Mar 25, May 21, July 15, Sep 9, Nov 4, Dec 30 (first session of 2025)
2025: Dec 30 (2024), Feb 24, Apr 21, Jun 16, Aug 11, Oct 6, Dec 1

Start dates are dependent on enrolment and are subject to change.


Summer Breaks:
Morning Schedule Only:
2024: Jun 17 - Aug 9, 2024
2025: Jun 16 - Aug 8, 2025

Winter Breaks:
Morning Schedule:
2024/2025: Dec 23, 2024 - Dec 27, 2024
Evening Schedule:
2024/2025: Dec 16, 2024 - Dec 27, 2024

About the Practicum

The Attestation in College Studies, Digital Marketing Specialist with Practicum combines academic study with practical work experience related to your study area. Students will complete a practicum placement in a local business in Montreal.

The practicum program includes: Documentation support, interview and job preparation, résumé building, monitoring throughout the practicum placement, and job search tips.

The student is responsible for the payment of any government fees related to the application for a work permit and the extension of study permit.


Take the Attestation of College Studies, Digital Marketing Specialist with Practicum and build work experience in entry-level positions in areas like:

  • Digital Advertising
  • Media
  • Digital Marketing
  • Communications
  • Social Media Management

Program Courses

Learning how to choose the right social media platform and how best to utilize the features offered by that platform is the primary focus of this course. We take the most popular social media platforms and examine how businesses can best use them to reach customers. In this course, students will earn the Google Ads Search Certification; Google Ads Display Certification; and Google Ads - Measurement Certification.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals - Branding lays the groundwork for students to understand the key components of brand identity, how to create Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and why it is important. Students are also introduced to the portfolio that they build as a professional showcase of their work and certifications.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals lays the groundwork for students to understand how online and offline marketing methods work together to deliver results. Students will learn the terms and concepts used in the industry and how they are applied in practical situations. In this course, students will earn the Mailchimp Academy Foundations Certification; Mailchimp Academy Email Marketing Certification; HubSpot Email Marketing Certificate; and HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification.

Moving beyond basic keywords and PPC marketing, SEO takes a deeper look into what businesses need to do to get their content in front of their target audience. This course takes an international view on the subject and covers much more than Google; learn to incorporate SEO strategies across multiple platforms and geographic regions. It includes keywords, linking, backlinking and strategies to get onsite and offsite SEO working. In this course, students will earn the Semrush SEO Toolkit Certification; Semrush Content Marketing Certification; HubSpot SEO and SEO II Certification; and HubSpot SEO II Certification.

Social media as a marketing tool can make or break brand image and has rapidly become the channel of choice for companies to reach their target audience. In this course, students will earn the Hootsuite Platform Certification and the Social Media Marketing Certification.

FREE French Classes

All Collège Greystone students in Montréal can take advantage of FREE in person French classes delivered through ILSC Language Schools Montréal.  These FREE French classes are in place to ensure students can meet Québec's French language requirement for graduation from a post-secondary program  - Level 7 (oral) and level 4 (written) out 12 points on l'Échelle québécoise des niveaux de compétence en français (Québec scale of French proficiency levels). 

We guarantee that you will meet the French level requirements!
We will offer unlimited additional French classes, in batches of 12 weeks, until the you meet the language requirements (as long as your attendance rate in these classes is 90% or more).

BONUS: ILSC will pay the TEFAQ Language Exam fee for students with a 95% attendance rate in their French classes once they successfully complete the Intermediate 2 level.


Benefits of Learning French in Montréal

  • Expand your potential off campus work and practicum opportunities
  • Integrate more easily into life in bilingual Montréal
  • Meet the Quebec requirement for graduation

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