Student Health Insurance/
Overseas Student Health Cover

Learn how student medical insurance supports your life & studies abroad.

Why Do I Need Student Health Insurance?

All students studying at ILSC or Greystone College in Australia and Canada are responsible for having adequate medical insurance (Overseas Student Health Cover) for the entire duration of their enrollment at our schools. In some locations, medical insurance is required to secure your visa and must be valid for the duration of your time in Australia or Canada. We believe all students studying abroad at any of our international locations should have adequate health insurance to cover them in case of a medical emergency.

Having student health insurance gives you and your family back home peace of mind. In an emergency, it gives you 24/7 support in your own language and removes financial stress so that you can focus on getting the care you need.


How Can I Get Student Health Insurance?

Many of our trusted Education Agent partners can help you organize Overseas Student Health Cover for your time abroad studying at our schools.

ILSC and Greystone College can also help organize insurance for you. We work with reputable and experienced insurance companies that know how to support international students.  They offer Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) plans that make sense for you and, if required, for family members accompanying you.

Our insurance partners also provide health information and other services to support your mental and emotional wellbeing while you’re living and studying abroad.

Student Health Coverage Options Organized by ILSC & Greystone College

Explore what's included in our insurance partners' student plans in Australia and Canada.


Student Insurance in Canada
International Insurance

$2 per day
  • Emergency Medical coverage while in Canada (no deductible or co-pay required)
  • Covers 100% of in and out of hospital treatment costs*
  • Includes an annual physical and an annual eye exam when you purchase 6 months or more of coverage
  • Free mobileDOCTOR service
  • network of doctors and clinics that offer direct billing (no upfront payment required from you)
  • Wellness & Learning Initiatives
  • Plans available for dependents living with you in Canada

*Coverage is for emergency care, only, and does not include unstable pre-existing conditions. Other exclusions may apply.

Have ILSC Organize Your Insurance

When you submit your application to ILSC or Greystone College, just answer YES to the question about Overseas Student Health Cover. Our team will be happy to organize your health insurance.