Study Area
Location Available New Delhi
Minimum 4 weeks study + minimum 4 weeks placement
Full-Time Intensive
Start Dates

Every Monday except the last week of a session

Language Levels B1B2B3B4I1I2I3I4A1A2

The maximum length of the placement depends on the host company or organization and the student’s own schedule.

Put your language skills to work in a social volunteer internship that will help you add valuable community development experience and references to your resumé.

  • Prepare for success by learning language skills geared for a workplace environment
  • Receive ongoing support from ILSC’s internship coordinators and student advisors
  • Improve your language skills in a volunteer project in the community

What You'll Learn

ILSC-New Delhi's Social Volunteer Internship Program combines English language studies with experience the community. Students work to help disadvantaged Indians in New Delhi, or in small countryside villages. Working with a vast and ever-growing network of partner companies, Volunteer Internship Program coordinators are dedicated to placing you in an organization that reflects your interests, work experience and educational background.

Full-Time Intensive Study

The first half of the program requires a minimum 4 weeks of Full-Time Intensive English classes. You can choose from a wide variety of courses available at ILSC, and depending on your areas of interest for your apprenticeship, Internship coordinators may recommend certain courses to help you prepare.

Social Internship Placement

After completing the study portion of the program, you will be placed in a community and social development project that reflects your interests, previous work experience and educational background.

You will experience village life and gain exposure to international development.  Some placements may be available in Delhi, but you must also be prepared to live and work outside of Delhi, in Himachel, Pradesh, Rajasthan or Goa. 

The responsibilities are different for each placement and depend on your language ability at the time of placement, familiarity and experience in the chosen field, relevant educational background, amount of work available and your attitude.


Some popular areas of interest include:

  • Working with disadvantaged children, women or the elderly
  • Working with the disabled
  • Working on village infrastructure projects.



How to Apply


Take the Pre-Registration Online Language Assessment (PROLA) and do a phone interview. (Students registered in 24-week and longer Full-Time Intensive study may be exempt from the PROLA and the phone interview)



Complete the ILSC application form, and the Volunteer Internship application form and send the program fees to the school.


Submit both application forms, a curriculum vitae (CV) and a cover letter. The CV should be neat and professional and include all relevant educational and work experience.