English for International Business Management Mastery

Prepare for English communication success in International Business environments.

Learn English for International Business Management Mastery, the perfect pathway to Greystone College.

Study a set of English courses focused on improving your written, spoken, and digital English communication skills through exploring Business topics. If you’re improving your English for entry into a Diploma of International Business Management at Greystone College, this Mastery is the perfect starting point.




8 weeks minimum




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Intermediate 2



Complete two of the following Core classes and two of the following Skills classes to receive the English for International Business Management Mastery.

*Class selection is subject to availability and may vary depending on enrolment.

Business English develops your English skills for an international business workplace. Practice speaking, listening, reading and writing for a variety of business contexts. Develop accuracy in grammar and vocabulary to communicate effectively in business situations. Topics cover a wide range of general business subjects including careers, management styles and customer service.

  • Language Levels:  B4 I1 I2 I3 I4
  • Locations:  Sydney,  Brisbane,  Melbourne,  Vancouver,  Toronto,  Montréal,  New Delhi

This course is designed for students who are interested in learning and practicing business English as it relates to management and human resources. The course focuses on business management principles and human resources practices, and will help you improve your English macro-skills as well as business vocabulary. You will develop a strong base of business vocabulary, increase listening comprehension, practice reading and writing skills through classroom and homework assignments and increase speaking fluency through class conversation, debate and a class presentation.

  • Language Levels:  A1 A2 I3 I4
  • Locations:  Brisbane,  Vancouver,  Toronto

In International Business English, you will improve your English language skills through the subject of international business. Build your English by reading, writing, listening and speaking about international business topics such as marketing, finance, business law and international trade.

  • Language Levels:  A1 A2 I3 I4
  • Locations:  Vancouver,  Toronto,  Montréal

Develop English speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills and learn about international business culture, cross-cultural communication and business etiquette.

  • Language Levels:  A1 A2 I3 I4
  • Locations:  Vancouver,  Toronto,  New Delhi

Master the essentials of effective business presentations. Build confidence in preparing and delivering presentations in English for a business audience.

  • Language Levels:  A1 A2 I3 I4
  • Locations:  Sydney,  Brisbane,  Vancouver,  Toronto,  Montréal,  New Delhi

Build your business writing skills as you learn to write resumes, cover letters, emails, memos, business letters and business reports.

  • Language Levels:  A1 A2 I3 I4
  • Locations:  Sydney,  Brisbane,  Melbourne,  Vancouver,  Toronto,  Montréal,  New Delhi

The tourism industry is one of the world's largest employers. This interactive course helps you master industry-related English language skills needed in hospitality jobs such as hotels, catering and concierge. You will have the opportunity to practice a wide range of tasks and functions typical of work in the hospitality industry, such as managing phone calls and correspondence, offering advice on attractions and solving customer service problems.

  • Language Levels:  A1 A2 B3 B4 I1 I2 I3 I4
  • Locations:  Sydney,  Brisbane,  Melbourne,  Vancouver

Improve your writing, editing, grammar and vocabulary! Express your opinions thoughts and feelings on a wide variety of interesting, practical, everyday topics. Learn how to write sentences, well-organised paragraphs and essays. Practise writing techniques for different genres and audiences. Learn new writing strategies, the basics of formatting, sentence structure and punctuation.

  • Language Levels:  A1 A2 B1 B2 B3 B4 I1 I2 I3 I4
  • Locations:  Sydney,  Brisbane,  Melbourne,  Adelaide,  Vancouver,  Toronto,  Montréal,  New Delhi


  • Study English topics that also help you with resume writing, job search techniques and interviewing
  • Improve your English while gaining an understanding of general business practices, business management, and human resources
  • Strengthen business writing, presentation, meeting and negotiation skills
  • Choose from a variety of Business English focused course options to match your personal interests
  • Advance your English level through topics that will help you get the most out of a Volunteer Experience, or a Business Program at Greystone College
  • Receive a mastery certificate indicating your focused study in English for International Business Management
Daniel Ortiz
Student Stories

"The teachers at ILSC see you as someone who wants to learn a new language to grow professionally and personally.  They are always there to support you, to give you tips and advice. My dream was to learn English and I made it. Honest feedback helped me to work on the areas that I needed to improve."

Daniel Ortiz, Mexico
Nicolai Farfan
Student Stories

"Brisbane has been so amazing, I wish I could have studied longer. There was always so much to do. In one week I went to the cinema, a chocolate tour and to Movie World! The city is filled with fun. Even when my friends and I would just hang around outside it was exciting. My experience in Brisbane was amazing, unique and always interesting."

Nicolai Farfan, Colombia
Juan Manuel Puerres
Student Stories

"The best part of Melbourne is having the chance to meet people from all around the world, exchanging great experiences and getting to know Australian culture. Melbourne is a mix between good quality of life, amazing weather, lovely people and great opportunities to work. If someone has the opportunity to come and live this adventure, I would not think twice about recommending the experience."

Juan Manuel Puerres, Colombia
Andrea Shuh
Student Stories

"ILSC New Delhi has a great leaning environment. I came here to improve my English. I used to struggle to find words while talking in a group and was shy to speak incorrectly, especially the pronunciation. I never expected that I’ll get individual attention, unlike at the previous school. My teacher is also a nice and lovely person. The staff here is also very kind and helpful. The area around the school is also safe."

Andrea Shuh, Germany
Deisy Alzate
Student Stories

"I decided to study with ILSC school because their location is really convenient for us as international students. I remember that when I came to Brisbane, my English was zero. And now I can communicate, I can express what I feel and understand what people want to tell me."

Deisy Alzate, Colombia

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