November 25, 2020


The Victoria state government has announced another step forward in the COVID roadmap and this includes more relaxed restrictions for service-based industries, offices and schools.

With this, ILSC Melbourne will resume on-campus delivery of its ELICOS classes starting next session, effective Tuesday, December 1st. Greystone College Melbourne classes will continue to be delivered online.

The school will be closely following its COVID-safety policy for on-site delivery, which includes mandatory mask-wearing while on campus, staggered start and end times for classes, enhanced cleaning protocols, and reduced student numbers on floors, to name a few.

We are very confident that these measures will be able to provide a COVID-safe learning environment for students. We will continue to monitor any updates from the health department and communicate this information with you.


Chris Nolan - VP, Sales & Marketing

Christopher Mediratta - President & Chief Operating Officer