21 February 2021

Canada’s New COVID-19 Quarantine Measures, starting February 22, 2021

Further to the Government of Canada’s recent announcement and additional guidance provided by Languages Canada earlier today, we would like to update you about new COVID-19 quarantine measures that will be implemented for travelers arriving to Canada starting this coming Monday, February 22nd. Read on to learn what students should expect; how these new measures will work together with our existing quarantine packages; and how we’ll be supporting you and your students to meet the new requirements.



Starting Monday February 22nd, along with current 14-16 day quarantine requirements and pre-arrival COVID-19 testing, the Canadian federal government will also require travelers to:

  • ●   Take a COVID-19 molecular test on arrival in Canada
  • ●   Stay in a government approved hotel for 3 nights while they await the results of this COVID-19 molecular test



From 12:01 am ET on Monday February 22nd, students who arrive to Canada’s four major international airports (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Calgary) can expect to go through the following steps:

1. Arrival and 3-days in a government-approved hotel

  1. Students will proceed through immigration and receive a COVID-19 PCR test upon arrival
  2. Upon clearing immigration, students will be escorted to the government-approved hotel in the city where they first land – transportation from the airport to the hotel is included in the 3-day hotel stay package, which also includes cleaning and meals
  3. An ILSC representative will contact students upon their arrival at the hotel either by phone or by email
  4. Once students receive their negative COVID-19 test result, they will be released from the government hotel and can continue to their final quarantine destination.

2. Transition to their originally booked quarantine accommodation

  1. ILSC will arrange transportation for the student from the government approved hotel to their originally booked ILSC and Greystone College quarantine accommodation so that they can complete the remaining 11-13* days of quarantine in accordance with our previously approved Canada Quarantine Guide.
  2. Note that some students may need to take an additional domestic flight to reach their final quarantine destination. This is permitted under the new requirement. If applicable and not provided by the government, ILSC will help arrange ground transportation to the departure airport and pick students up from their arrival airport to bring them to their quarantine accommodation.

Throughout the entire quarantine, including the 3-day hotel stay upon arrival to Canada, students can participate in online classes as planned.

The Government of Canada has also provided this helpful guide to show the steps involved in travelling to Canada.

*In Vancouver and Montreal, students will complete 11 additional days of quarantine. In Toronto, students will complete 13 more days.



ILSC and Greystone College are here to make these new requirements as simple as possible for our arriving students. For students who have already booked a quarantine accommodation package with us, we will issue a credit for 3 days of their booking, if applicable. In consultation with the student’s agent, we will then arrange to book the student’s government approved hotel and adjust the quarantine package invoice accordingly.

We understand these changes may seem complex, but want to assure you that our registrations, accommodations and sales teams are actively seeking info from the Government of Canada in order to answer all of your questions. As more information is known, and depending on student arrival dates, we will reach out to you and your students to adjust their quarantine accommodations packages. We thank you for your patience, and look forward to continuing to provide transformative learning experiences, and safe arrival and quarantine support to your students.


Chris Nolan - VP, Sales & Marketing

Christopher Mediratta - President & Chief Operating Officer