Mai Lodging is just a 25-minute commute away from the ILSC campus, which is located in Vancouver's downtown core. All rooms are furnished with a bed, desk and some storage space for your belongings, and have shared bathrooms, kitchen area and a common area to hang out with other international visitors living in the residence.

2009 East 27th Avenue, VANCOUVER, BC
V5N 2W7 Canada


  • Minimum age requirement is 19 at time of arrival
  • If a student would like to cancel without a cancellation fee, we will need 2 weeks notification before their arrival date. If there is a delay in their arrival the cancellation free will be waived if we receive a 10-day notice
  • Our cancellation/delay is $100. If they decide to cancel before the 20week notice (less than) there will be a 1-week charge




  • Wi-Fi and TV included
  • Shared bathroom
  • Shared kitchen area
  • Shared common area
  • Private room with bed, desk and storage space
  • 25 minute commute to ILSC
Mai Lodging 2019 Pricing
Single room with shared bathroom $300/week

All prices are in Canadian dollars. Taxes included where applicable. 
Rates are per person and booking is subject to availability.