Job Location: 

ILSC is currently seeking an IELTS Assistant Administrator for its San Francisco test center! IELTS is fast becoming a recognised alternative to the TOEFL for people looking to attend post-secondary programs in the US, to immigrate, or to prove their language competency for other personal or professional reasons (

In cooperation with the local IELTS Administrator, you will be responsible for the administration, staffing, scheduling and promotion of the IELTS test here at ILSC-San Francisco. You will report the local IELTS Administrator and collaborate actively with the ILSC IELTS team.

Job Duties: 

Specific responsibilities and tasks onsite:

Staff and Stock Management

  • Liaise with IELTS (staying up-to-date on newsletters, IELTS Manuals, WordPress blog, submitting monthly reports)
  • Support examiners, clerical markers and invigilators recruitment.
  • Schedule orientation and training for new examiners, clerical markers and invigilators
  • Participate in approved training and professional development, either from ILSC or IELTS
  • Maintain stock records on daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Ensure that all documents, records are up-to-date as per audit and compliance requirements

Communicate with (potential) candidates

  • Respond to inquiries about the test and the schedule of dates, etc.
  • Contact each candidate in IWAS to submit the required documents/payments
  • Charge credit cards and issue receipts
  • Register all candidates in IWAS and make necessary changes in the system
  • Emailing all candidates regarding test day information and speaking schedules
  • Communicating test results/information with candidates
  • Schedule test dates, schedule examiner calibration and re-training (once per year)
  • Informing test day staff about test details, allocation of duties via email
  • Reconcile generated income and submit to supervisor

Security of Test material

  • Maintain strict security protocol when handling test day material
  • Ensure all material is locked as per the requirements

Test Day and Set-up

  • Estimate candidate numbers and order test papers in IWAS
  • Mark, proctor, and/or run the exam on test day (often on Saturdays)
  • IWAS management (generate reports and export data for each test date)
  • IAM management (reports, import/export data for each test date)
  • Monitor/assist with all aspects of the process on test days (e.g test day setup as per number of candidates, arrange staff and prepare boxes for test day)


  • Assign marking to examiners and clerical markers
  • Run jagged entry reports (and schedule re-marking as necessary)
  • Run TFT reports
  • Charge credit cards for local and international courier services
  • Destroy confidential documents post-test

Core Skills

  • Communication and influencing skills: displays good listening, writing and speaking skills, setting out logical arguments clearly and adapting language and form of communication to meet the needs of different people/audiences.
  • Planning and organizing skills: is methodical: able to plan own work over short timescales for routineor familiar tasks and processes
  • Analyzing data and problems: is systematic: breaks down problems into a list of tasks to be done and decides on appropriate action
  • Using technology: operates as a basic user of information systems, digital and office technology.
  • Able to use office software and IELTS USA systems to do the job and manage documents or processes
  • Customer-service mindset, dealing with candidates in a pleasant and professional manner
Contact Information: 

To apply, email your cover letter and resume to shabnam.mirbadin[at]ilsc[dot]com

The application deadline is Monday, July 1st, 2019.

Additional Information: 

This position reports to: IELTS Administrator, San Francisco (test center UX201)

Start date: July 15th, 2019

Hours:  37.5 hours weekly

Volume Compensation: $17-19/hour, depending on experience

Benefits: ILSC benefits for full-time employees as outlined in the Staff Manual* (including medical

MRA contribution, PTO accrual, Sick leave, Holiday pay)

*Upon completing 90-day introductory period