September 7, 2023

Sydney, New South Wales – ILSC Australia is proud to become the exclusive Australian education provider of the Trinity Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) following the launch of its new Trinity CertTESOL course in partnership with Trinity College London.

The internationally respected Trinity CertTESOL course is designed for aspiring English teachers and those seeking a globally recognised English language teaching qualification. The Trinity CertTESOL is accepted by international teaching organizations worldwide, such as ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority), NEAS, English Australia, English USA, Languages Canada and the British Council. Graduates of the program can find rewarding work teaching English to students of diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds in the dynamic and thriving English as a second language industries in Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom or use their skills to teach and travel the globe.

ILSC’s Trinity CertTESOL course demonstrated its prestige as a high-quality English language teaching qualification by earning Quality Endorsement and subsequent Premium Product endorsement status from NEAS. In NEAS Endorsement News, the quality assurance provider stated:

“As a result of this partnership, ILSC becomes the first centre in Australia to collaborate with Trinity College London in this manner. This alliance further strengthens Australia’s global reputation as a country of excellence in ELT training.”

The Trinity CertTESOL is rated Level 5 on the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), comparable to the second year of an undergraduate degree. The course provides 130 hours of instruction delivered through input sessions and teaching practice at ILSC's multicultural campuses, with a focus on theory, teaching methodologies, language awareness, and intercultural competence. ILSC Sydney Director of Studies, Grace Fannon, expressed her enthusiasm about providing aspiring teachers with practical training for an English language teaching career:

“The Trinity CertTESOL was my first taster into the world of education and ESL and set me on the career path that I am still on 20 years later. The course was both intensive and rewarding, and the hands-on experience I received in the classroom solidified for me that it was something I wanted to do as a career.”

Trainees can also benefit from the course’s unique opportunity to adopt the role of a language student through four hours of foreign language instruction, allowing them to reflect on how to improve as language teachers. ILSC Sydney Head Teacher, Aaron Clark, spoke to the impact of experiencing both the roles of a language teacher and student when he completed his CertTESOL in New Zealand at the outset of his ELT career.

“I remember feeling so proud that I could read and write in phonetic script by the end of the course, and I’ve been using that every day in the classroom since then. I also remember that we learnt Thai for the foreign language component, and I still remember some phrases. It was such an eye-opening experience being both a language student and learning how to be a language teacher. The course gave me everything I needed to start and flourish in my teaching career.”

ILSC Australia is excited to offer the Trinity CertTESOL course with three schedule options to accommodate students’ diverse professional and personal commitments. Trainees can enroll in our Intensive or Semi-Intensive schedule options, available at our ILSC campus in Sydney, New South Wales, or opt for our Online Intensive Program, suited for those seeking to complete their education remotely.

ILSC Australia will welcome its first cohort of Trinity CertTESOL trainees to its Sydney campus in September 2023.