May 16, 2024

Toronto and Vancouver, Canada - For students who want to come to Canada for short term vocational study (under 6 months), we've launched a new diverse selection of Micro-credentials at Greystone College Toronto and Vancouver that can be completed in just 4-6 weeks and don't require a study permit.

Students can quickly build in-demand, targeted skills in our short-term, career-focused Micro-credentials, choosing the topics that interest them.

Our Micro-credentials, available in Toronto and Vancouver, are perfect for students who want to learn specific skills for their next career move, a raise or promotion, or to see if they want to pursue further studies in a particular field. 

Micro-credentials are individual courses from our longer Certificate and Diploma programs in areas like Business, Digital Marketing, Hospitality or Tech.

Explore our full selection of Micro-credentials on our Greystone College Canada website.